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Midi Control For SSE

davetheone 10:55 PM - 30 November, 2005
I've used my Trigger Finger and Radium 61 to control a competitors program; truth is this competitors scratch functions; how can I say........Suck. Their scratch function just didn't sound authentic.

The idea was kewl. You would go to midi control mode and click the learn function then you would select a parameter from the list (scratch forward, scratch backward, Stop, Mute, unstop, unmute and then hit the key or knob on the keyboard and it would control that function. This was a live dj setup so I really didn't see the necessity for this function for live use but for a PLUGIN; now we're talkin.
I used one key on the keyboard to hold the record in place or stop and the other two keys to motion forward and backward. I also experimented with the pitch bend knob and the knobs 1 -8 themselves to scratch. Again the scratching didn't sound authentic and I didn't even bother to pursue; they are making a version three of the program but Serato has my full attention these days.
I consider a turntable/cdj more an instrument and it would be nice to control it with a midi controller. Default settings for M-audio's controllers (especially the oxygen/radium and trigger finger) would be greatly appreciated. M-audio is now a digidesign company too :-D