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steve-tv 9:05 PM - 27 March, 2008
Hello. Bit of background. I work in Radio/Ad production I do a ton of Time Compression on dry voice overs. When I worked on Protools I loved the built in Digirack Time Shift. I could compress up to 2 or 3 seconds before losing any quality in my audio file.

Very unhappy with Logics time compression I'm looking for a third party. According to my Logic Express manual I should be able to just download you guys and be ready to go.

I downloaded your iLok free demo of Pitch n Time LE, loaded it up started Logic tried to compress a file after selecting Pitch n Time and I get an error saying Its not a plugin for this software.

After much ado here is my question Does Pitch n Time not work with Logic Express 8
Serato, Moderator
Goran 10:41 PM - 27 March, 2008

What does the error say exactly?
"Pitch 'n Time LE cannot run as a plug-in for this program" ?
Or something else?

steve-tv 10:59 PM - 27 March, 2008
That's it exactly,
dave 10:36 PM - 3 April, 2008
Pitch 'n Time LE does not currently work with Logic Express.

We are working on Logic Express 8.0 support for a future version of Pitch 'n Time LE. Earlier versions of Logic Express will not support Pitch 'n Time LE.