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PnT2 Waveform Amplitude +/- Control

BDWillis 12:38 AM - 22 November, 2005
Hello - PnT2 has been my main editing weapon for several years now, to the point where it's become my single most-used plug-in... as such, I'm wishing Serato many years of success to come!

I often work in the "2nd page", where you can set break points to stretch/compress or to move parts of a phrase up/down in pitch overtop of a greyed-out waveform display. However, if the highlighted audio is somewhat low in level, the waveform is almost impossible to see, thus requiring a lot of trial & error to get the placement of breakpoints correct.

Request: Add a "Waveform Display Amplitude +/-" parameter, in order to vary the height of the waveform view. That would be even more helpful visually then the "preview gain" knob is sonically!!

Thanks for listening (AND for the excellent software),
dave 8:02 PM - 22 November, 2005
Nice idea, thanks Brian! Welcome to the forum.
p4tw 9:08 AM - 19 January, 2006
I'd second this idea. Would be great!
Hermes 4:24 PM - 22 March, 2006
Same for me, but also for the pitch-mode!
Hermes 4:36 PM - 22 March, 2006
...and maybe the option to enlarge the interface-display, I do have pixels enough!

(BTW, thanks for your nice software)
Neil Getz 7:13 PM - 10 January, 2007
Agreed, agreed, agreed, but also please consider giving the user greater control over temporal resolution as well as amplitude resolution. As it is now, if I choose a large section of low-amplitude audio to morph, I cannot take advantage of PnT's fabulous multi-marker morphing capability because I cannot place the markers with sufficient precision. The whole morphing process is critically dependent on the user's marker placement ability so you limit the utility of your algorithm by limiting the user interface.

A workaround for the temporal problem is to break the source audio up into overlapping sections, morph each section to its corresponding time reference, and then stitch together the processed sections with fades, but this creates a lower quality object (and more work) than if the entire section could be morphed.

I have only recently purchased PnT, but is has already transformed the quality and efficiency of my editing - Thanks for that.
dave 3:34 AM - 11 January, 2007
Brilliant, thanks for that feedback Neil.