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Itch or Scratch for the Numark DMC2

Azamra DJ 4:04 PM - 28 February, 2008
I just purchased the Numark DMC2 controller.
I understand it works with Serato software.

The controller came with the "light" version of CUE, which is pretty cool. But since Numark & Serato are now strategic partners, I would like to find out more about Serato's software.

What do you suggest, Scratch or the new Itch?

I do not need the virtual records extra hardware to hook up turntables. I just want the software.

Please correct me if I am wrong but it looks like Scratch is made for virtual vinyl fans, and that Itch is for purely digital DJs.
Or does Scratch also work with a hardware controller like the DMC2, without turntables?

If not, will Itch do everything Scratch does.
And finally, what is the street price of Itch going to be?

cMo 8:43 PM - 28 February, 2008
Take the Numark DMC2 back!

If you have time to wait, you should wait for one of the two new itch controllers.
cMo 8:44 PM - 28 February, 2008
Oh, and you'd know the reast if you read the main page.
Azamra DJ 10:59 PM - 28 February, 2008
Thanks for the response. But I don't want a tabletop unit. I want something that rackmounts.

What's wrong with the DMC2? The response time is excellent.