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Mac / Serato Keyboard Cover

cMo 12:22 AM - 22 February, 2008
Will there be new keyboard covers made for ITCH?
frosse 10:52 AM - 12 May, 2008
I want a macbook cover :)
cMo 2:58 PM - 12 May, 2008
I want a macbook, but I can't get one cuz my pc still works and I need other items first, such as 2 nice new projectors & screens.
Pene 8:56 PM - 12 May, 2008
Most of the keyboard shortcuts are the same for ITCH and ScratchLIVE so you could use those ones for now. Hopefully you shouldn't have to use your keyboard too much with ITCH since you can do most things with the hardware controllers
cMo 3:50 PM - 14 May, 2008
When will you have the computer built in to the setup?

I mean really, these Serato partnerships should include someone who can put a motherboard and LCD with 8 USB ports.
cMo 3:51 PM - 14 May, 2008
So we can set this bad boy up on a keyboard stand, plug in our external hd, and mix with Serato.
Reniassance 5:10 PM - 14 May, 2008
That sounds awesome i spend 2000 on a macbook pro n use it just for serato anyway. serato can make a miko for djs!!!!