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PnT Pro + PT10 Audiosuite Handles

Hobo Audio 7:53 PM - 25 June, 2012
The more handle length you add to the Audiosuite window, the more inaccurate PnT Pro gets. Please view this picture (dl.dropbox.com).

This actually makes sense in the context of the plug-in because you're changing the overall length of time, BUT this is just silly to have to pay attention to. Serato, please fix this!
Martin C 12:46 AM - 13 July, 2012
Hey Hobo Audio,

I have had a few users contact us about this same issue I believe, and I understand it has something that has come about in Pro Tools 10.

Unfortunately at this stage, we do not support Pro Tools 10: serato.com

We do hope to fix issues such as this with an up and coming release update of Pitch 'n Time but unfortunately I could not for sure when.
Frank Momberg 6:43 PM - 11 January, 2013
It actually takes a week of intense work to update a finished plugin to a new system. Serato seems to have economical problems. You are loosing your position in the market. This can't be your intention. We need your update to proceed. Come on, get into gear, no more excuses, you had two years of time.