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Will features from ITCH be added to SSL?

Toby82 10:11 AM - 18 January, 2008
I would like to know if there will be any features from ITCH included in SSL?

For example the (per track) equalizers which were requested by SSL users?

And according to the preliminary screenshot my dreams of the waveform come true, to have them as wide as possible and the complete track waveforms also larger.

Is there any chance that these goodies will also come into SSL?

Of course i don't want all the ITCH features like beat-sync and so on, as SSL and ITCH definetly have a different focus, but the two mentiond above i really like!
Sam 3:33 PM - 18 January, 2008
Some of them will be considered for Scratch LIVE, certainly. We have definietly seen the requests for an EQ per track in Scratch LIVE. It's a bit different though, the per track EQ vs the mix engine EQ, so there is still some work to do.
We have no plans to include beat-sync in Scratch LIVE at this point.
Toby82 4:28 PM - 18 January, 2008
sounds nice, thanks
DJMANICO 1:37 PM - 23 January, 2008
why not make beat sync optional in scratchlive; songs drift a lot in scratchlive. Or could ITCH work on the SL Box. Will Scratchlive users get a free download.
Toby82 3:01 PM - 23 January, 2008
songs drift a lot in scratchlive.

Thats your Job ;)

could ITCH work on the SL Box.

AFAIK it only works with dedicated controllers, as the Software doesn't have any controls, only the Controller.
shiestO! 7:48 PM - 29 January, 2008
why not make beat sync optional in scratchlive.

all due respect but i think this is a very bad idea. Scratch live gets enough bad rep from vinyl-only types.

i think that doing this beat sync thing would take Scrach Live out of the market which it is dominating and most who use it (and those considering buying it) a toy, not a tool.
shiestO! 7:51 PM - 29 January, 2008
^^*would consider it a toy that is