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Talk about Serato Video and Video-SL.

Forget about ripping vids we need a dowload svc

djbigmark 11:08 PM - 19 December, 2007
What the dj community needs and wants now is a video download service this will surely get this moving along. ripping videos is long and boring there has to be a better way. The future of video dj'ing needs this. We should all band togather and demand this asap. just like record pools, mp3 pools, we need a video pool. formatted and ready to play just the way a video dj needs it.
DJ Lil Vito 12:50 AM - 20 December, 2007
JonesTM already offers in MPEG-2 format, what we need to do is create enough demand for a format that will work with Video-SL. I'm gonna call my rep tomorrow and see what they can do.
D-Twizzle 1:31 AM - 20 December, 2007
my12inch has this now, and smashvidz is planning to have it in the future.
D-Twizzle 1:33 AM - 20 December, 2007
both in mp4 format
VJ Justin Allen 1:42 AM - 20 December, 2007
Not to question any of these services, because I do not know them, but if they have an authorized agreement to allow users to download music videos I would be surprised.

As far as I know, the labels stopped that a while back...even Apple cannot allow videos to be played outside their appliances.

Interesting times ahead of us in terms of allowing videos to be downloaded legally.
marx 1:52 AM - 20 December, 2007
apple is totally different because they supply to consumers. we as djs ARE NOT consumers.
dj-jv 2:04 AM - 20 December, 2007
I be honest just stay out the future is just starting If we don't get careful enought we be playing videos with drm code only.
D-Twizzle 3:21 AM - 20 December, 2007
My12inch has had downloadable mp4 videos for about a yeat now. They go thru a screening process and even allow verified radio djs to have free access.
I think whitelabel will jump on board too
sixxx 7:36 AM - 20 December, 2007
I was thinking whitelabel too D-Twizzle. :)