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building overviews for mp4

skinnyguy 8:12 AM - 18 December, 2007
i imported a select bunch of mp4 vids and then dragged them to the build overview button. after building the overviews for all of them, i loaded a couple random files to my decks and noticed that the overviews still had to be built as if they weren't built before.

and i didn't experiment with other videos after that but i'm assuming my other files that i supposedly built overviews for are the same way. they DO have the bpms tagged now tho...from the overview builder, so i know they got scanned.
Nathan H 9:01 PM - 18 December, 2007
Thanks for the feedback. Were these videos on your main drive, another internal drive or an external one?
skinnyguy 11:44 PM - 18 December, 2007
they were all on a usb powered external. (i know, usb powered, but i'm just foolin around with this. planning on gettin a firewire card and external when i'm more serious.)
D-Twizzle 11:48 PM - 18 December, 2007
According to JonathanC, this is a known issue and a fix is being looked at...
skinnyguy 11:49 PM - 18 December, 2007
oh, also, i played around with video-sl and all the other vids i supposedly built overviews for did NOT have overviews when i loaded them onto the deck.

pretty kool. glad my backup lappy meets most specs. can't remember what kinda vid card i have but the thing says i have no restrictions =) sometimes the vid gets choppy but ehh...that's only on the taxing fx. other than that, it's pretty cool and it's gonna take some getting used to.

and my backup lappy's specs are:
xp home
2.0 ghz duo core
2 gb ram
120 gb internal - but all music/vids are on usb powered externals.
and a partridge in a pear tree...or is it a mynah bird in one papaya tree...?
Nathan H 12:43 AM - 19 December, 2007
According to JonathanC, this is a known issue and a fix is being looked at...

Yes, sounds like the same issue and we are looking at it...