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video's i make in imovie play off time.

jeyone 5:31 PM - 17 December, 2007
when i play em back in quicktime they play in the right time. when i play em in serato the video will start showing before it's surpose to. i been puttin the video's to the version's of songs i have with extended intro's and some with out. so some times i leave a blank area in the video part in the begining so video starts when words come in... and it plays like this when i play it back in quicktime. but when i play it serato the video start showing as soon as the mp3 starts so video starts before the words come in. the files are saved as .mov. thanks.

i'm also getting crashes after the video plays for a min or so. i'm on a mac book 2.0ghz. 1.5gb 667mhz ddr2 sdram. is this because the lack of having 2 gigs of memory? thanks.
marx 6:05 PM - 17 December, 2007
what are your settings.

also its good to have a different play to test videos with.

google vlc player
Nathan H 11:13 PM - 17 December, 2007
No it shouldn't be because of RAM and it definitely shouldn't be crashing anyway!

If you have a small sample movie that has this problem I'd like to have a look at the file as it might be using some option I haven't thought of to offset the video.


jeyone 1:07 AM - 18 December, 2007
cool thanks alot. i will send it over asap.