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Video SL 1.0 Public Preview feedback

The Axledental DJ 3:48 AM - 15 December, 2007
Impressive just upon how it certainly has changed since last seeing it in the Summer NAMM 07 show. I would post actual screen shots, but the pdf manual is good enough. Seeing as it is a plug-in, it actually imbeds the Video-SL into the SSL 1.8 GUI. Very nice! It looks like its part of SSL 1.8.0. I just hope the copy protection/authorization doesn't get out of hand with the pirates and doesn't complicate things when the authorization goes awry and people have problems running Video-SL full. Great work SSL Dev team and Rane!
dj disturbed 6:27 AM - 15 December, 2007
well, the thing about the pirates...... you prolly wont see this pirated like you do mostother programs b/c of the fact that you need SSL to run it for one, and secondly, the market for this is very small compaired to alot of other programs (but thats is also b/c of my first point), Now if this plug in could be used with other programsalso then we would see this pirated REALY REALY fast. But b/c it isn't, you wont see the hackers dig into this like you do for alot of other programs to break the authorization system.
Deejay Z 7:24 AM - 15 December, 2007
Im not getting any Audio Input......Whenever I try to build an overview it crashes......No waveforms displayed

MacBook Pro

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Steve W 9:05 AM - 15 December, 2007
It looks like its part of SSL 1.8.0.

Nope. Separate executable. You can see its icon in the dock.
DJ Jonasty 5:19 PM - 15 December, 2007
I guess I can't provide much feedback since I don't have a 57 :( Just bought a DJM 800. Maybe one day Serato/Rane will be nice and let other midi-capable mixers work with their bad ass software. Maybe it's for the better, so I don't have to go buy another hd, video projector, video's etc. etc. nah, actually that all sounds like fun!
jbunks 10:34 AM - 16 December, 2007
I just got one of those too. In DJ Mag (UK) Top 100 DJ's poll it was the most specified mixer along with serato being the most specified dj program. It makes sense for serato to support it. I'm sure they will in due course (nudge nudge to Serato team :-))
djsteel 11:29 AM - 16 December, 2007
800 is not that great It's horrible for scratching. I can never pull off my fast cherps with it. I'd rather have the 57. I don't think Rane should ever make video available to be controlled with anything other then a 57. It's great the way they made it and to see a bunch of guy trying to make it work with a lesser mixer or heaven forbid a trigger finger, that would kill me. Rane has a responsibility to keep DJ's from getting themselves fired trying to do things the wrong way. I have an Ecler Nu04 that i use with Virutal DJ and it sucks compared to the 57 and Serato Video. The pioneer System roughly 8 - 9 thousand to work right, so if your serious about DJ with music Videos you probably thank Serato for making a Better way to do it first off and second making it a Crap load Cheaper. For those of you that have purchased the 800 you should really sell them and get a 57 you'll be happier for it.
jbunks 11:47 AM - 16 December, 2007
Not enough channels on the 57. I've used Pioneer stuff for the past 7 years and don't really want to have to change.

Guess it's just down to personal preference.

The reason I went for Serato is because its the equivalent of using Technics tt's - Industry standard. I don't want to have to compromise the quality (move to alternative software) of what I offer because Serato won't support anything other than Rane. Simple fact is the 57 isn't for everyone.
djsteel 12:12 PM - 16 December, 2007
I've demoed Pioneer Gear for 2 years and I know all the Pioneer gear like hte back of my hand example: They have a brand new Video mixer called the SVM coming out right now. 5,500.00 to do the same thing as serato. I don't understand how many channels do you need at one time to dj right? the 57 has 5! 4 assignable to the left and right and then the third for other use such as samplers or what not.
No way is it personal preference. The 57 works better for every Application hands down. I'd really like to know what your doing that the 57 can't handle. The only thing i can't see the 57 doing is some wierdo rave shit where you have ableton live running on all 4 channels doing techno. other then that, I mean Serato only has two players. So are you running two cd players as well? you can do that with Serato no problem? Are you doing mobile djing and are runnning a Game show, to where the sounds of the buzzers have to be ran through your mixer? Ok Session in. you goota let me know what your doing with those other channels thats so important. It's been my experience that "DJ'S" only need three channels anything other then that falls into the category of actual sound board.
i mean i run a mobile DJ Company, I do Raves, I work at 5 different Clubs, I work for a Radio Station, I Do Video, and Demo for major companies and I never need more then three Channels. You gotta let me know why its killing me.
jbunks 12:34 PM - 16 December, 2007
I do a lot of live stuff where it's not just me playing. It just makes my life easier having more channels without having to swap rca's etc.
djsteel 12:55 PM - 16 December, 2007
???? Why would you have to Swap RCA's with 5 channels. I really don't understand your explanation. Unless your falling into that wierdo category i was talking about. what are you doing, hooking up an electric violin and a Banshee talk box? lol
marx 3:22 PM - 16 December, 2007
3 turntables is big with house music. some djs feel comfortable having stuff sued up in a 3rd player etc.....but that really doesn't make sense with in order to do this u would have to use oldschool media....ha oldschool
jbunks 5:07 PM - 16 December, 2007
2 x S5000, 2 x SL1210, feed from karaoke etc etc.
DJ Jonasty 6:28 PM - 16 December, 2007
It's not a 57 vs 800 battle. To say that the 800 sucks is just making you sound stupid. I realize the 57 is siiick, and for scratching the fader is off the hook. I like to let the music play a bit more and am more into blending, creative loops, effects and just a nice flow. Props to you on the nice scratching, I'm still working on it. The 800 is more than capable to handle a couple video's, it's just not available. I was actually gonna get a 57, but it just looked so small in between the decks, but I'm sure it's a lot of fun.

But maybe you're right, we should all get 57's and then we could all be the same!
ImShifty 5:09 AM - 17 December, 2007
Wow dude your so cocky djsteel... sounds to me like it is a personal preference like how I would rather have my knobs not so close together, or having them a little looser, like how a pioneer board feels, they also have a more professional feel, the meters look better, its able to deliver more power, the built in effects sound and works better, I also work at clubs and in one of them in order to play music videos we actually had to hook up a bunch of dvd players to a video switcher and have the audio outputs running into the mixer. and we achieved this and still have 2 cd players and 2 turntables running without having to move shit around, the bar staff likes to put their cds in while they work, you gutta think about the bigger picture, its not just about you.

Oh also can you tell me why every big shot house music dj that comes into my city has a DJM 800 on their rider?

anyways this is how I see it, your a hip hop dj? 57SL but if your an electronic dj go get a pioneer board.
ImShifty 5:28 AM - 17 December, 2007
oh and as far as sounding better which sounds better again? mp3/wav/vinyl? so Im assuming your using mp3s on serato would that really sound better than the record or even a wav file on cd players?
djsteel 11:20 AM - 17 December, 2007
Lol Cocky and knowledge I guess are easily mistaken. I'm not cocky at all, but I know what I'm talking about. I play lots of what you call "Electronic Music" All the big DJ's that come though my city all use Ableton. I guess we have different DJ's come through. true the files you use make a difference, but look at the spec for like 2 minutes and you might see what i mean.
Oh, No way in hell am I a Hip Hop DJ. I scratch but I try to play as little Hip Hip and Rap as possible. It's been my Experience that women like Madonna more than Jay-Z.
That ignorant ass comment is like saying every Jew is good with money.
Like I said I do it all Mobiles (being the hardest form of DJing) to Raves and Clubs and Video. all of it Radio to Karaoke.
It's cool if you all have to bring out all sorts of gear to make money. If thats what you do then Do You! cool. I'm just saying there's no way its necessary.

Also I think you mistake What i'm saying the behringer 700 is a dope mixer! its 179.00 and does a ton of stuff and lasts forever! I bought a midi mixer, just not the 800. do some Research on products the Ecler nu04 is a way better mixer.
My point is simple, if your gonna spend that much money on a mixer make it the right one. 800 isn't crap it just isn't the best at anything at all. The fader is garbage, its expensive as hell, its bulky, and if you want a midi mixer with multiple channels then buy an Ecler or even the Korg is better and Cheaper. You all buy that mixer cause its in guitar Center. lol Do research is all I'm saying.
jbunks 1:23 PM - 17 December, 2007
I bought the 800 just cause I had the 500 and it seemed like the obvious choice when upgrading (We don't have a Guitar Center in the UK). :-)
DJ Jonasty 1:55 PM - 17 December, 2007
No buyer's remorse here with the 800, it sounds great! The harmonic mixing feature is hot, if you use it right. It was a little spendy, but I think you get what you pay for in this world.
dj disturbed 5:49 PM - 17 December, 2007
Ill tell you the truth, The oONLY pios mixer I like is the 909 (the FX unit is GREAT), other then that i would go with the Denon 1500S for multichannel, and Rane mixers for "Hip-Hop" mixers (as you put it). I also use a Rane mp24 4 days a week at one club (and i have senthat mixer installed in more clubs around here then anything else as a house mixer). But if I had my choice right this second for a feww mixer I would prolly pick up the 57, and no I'm not just as hip-hop DJ, I do DJ hip-hop alot, but in my heart im an EDM DJ
Rebelguy 8:37 PM - 17 December, 2007
Is the 57 a good mixer...yes. Is it the best mixer out there....that is personal preference. I picked it up when it first came out but to be honest I am marginally impressed with it.

What do I like about it:

1. It's all in one

2. It sounds better then running the SL-1

3. It is built pretty well

4. You now have video capabilities.

5. You have a lot of output options.

What I don't like about it:

1. It's all in one (yes I have an SL-1 but for those that don't you are stuck bringing the mixer to the club with hopes you can hook it up)

2. The color scheme sucks. If you are in a low light booth finding the buttons is a pain in the ass.

3. The faders are nice but the cut in time on the crossfader does take some time to adjust to if you are not familiar with it. A lot of DJs that have used the mixer complain that the crossfader bleeds when in fact they just didn't have the fader all the way over.

4. Using the groups is sometimes a pain.

5. The effects are just okay and not user friendly.

I have contemplated picking up a DJM-800 a few times. One reason is that I do rent out equipment and it is requested by a lot of DJs. The sound quality is WAY better than their precious models. My main problems are that it is outdated for the price.

There are a couple of new mixers out to consider that offer so much more than the 800 now. You can look at the Korg Zero 4 or 8 and the Ecler Evo5. The Pioneer may sound better than the Zeros but they kill it as far as features. The Evo costs a bit more but the sound quality is superb and seems to actually work as advertised. They also integrate well with Traktor Scratch if you want to go that route.
djsteel 8:56 PM - 17 December, 2007
Wow Rebel guy I think I agree with every single thing you just said. thats exactly what I think.

I'm not say the 57 is perfect I agree that all those thing above need improvement as well, but I also own most of these mixers.

I have the nu04, 57, 600, 800, a Berhinger 700, a 909, a couple 05 pros, etc. My only point was when I leave the house to do any of these different types of shows I always grab the 57.

My Other Point was this. I've used the Pioneer gear a lot for video and Virtual DJ as well. I've been testing the full version of Serato video for some time now and the way it works right now is so much better on so many levels that i can't being to list them here. To me is seems you would lose a lot of functionality by switching it to be controlled via midi.

That's all.