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Feature Request....

Solidsnake 5:21 PM - 29 September, 2011
This is a great idea that will gain market share for Serato, but to truly tread on VDJ/Traktor LE territory, there needs to be a mode where you can use the software and "DJ" from the computer alone no need for for the controller.

For example, VDJ Home = Free DJ software (non controller version), and is ALWAYS near the top of "Top Downloads" on the Mac App store....
lofty 6:43 PM - 29 September, 2011
I have Djay (agloriddim) on my main laptop and that's all thats on my backup laptop.
If this was available for $10-$20-$30 as a download from the mac store AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR A CONTROLLER! It would actually be really good.
Culprit 10:25 PM - 29 September, 2011
DJBill359 3:38 AM - 30 September, 2011
So far so Good,I thought I would NEVER Use A Serato Product,Then "DJ INTRO" came along. I thought,what the heck,it's free with My Mixtrack Pro,So I installed it and within 10 Minutes I was doing Mixes with ease.Thank You,BUT is there any plans in the coming Updates to Support Custom Skins and Mapping Features? Curious Minds are Wondering....
Solidsnake 3:56 PM - 30 September, 2011
No and no... thats not the DJ Intro model
DJBill359 4:21 PM - 30 September, 2011
So, basically Serato Released this Version Just To Hook You into Buying Their Hardware so that you can have All those Features that their Other software Products have?Oh Well,I don't think I will be investing any $$$ in the very near future.Oh and I take it that Serato will NEVER Support Lower End Controllers either in the future with SSL & ITCH?
Solidsnake 4:25 PM - 30 September, 2011
"all those features that their other software prodcuts have?"

You cannot do Custom Skins in any of their software...

You can only midi-map midi controllers in SSL, not ITCH.

And they won't support lower end controllers because... that was 100% the point of DJ Intro... to support lower end controllers
Solidsnake 4:27 PM - 30 September, 2011
Never knew custom skins was a selling point as a feature though, I thought DJ Software features were things such as FX, Colored Waveforms, Loops, Cue Points, etc...
DJBill359 5:11 PM - 30 September, 2011
I always thought The Look and Layout of A Program plays a Major roll.But then again...You make A Valid point.That brings up another point,Way do other DJ Software's Support Everything we have talked about. Is it the cost,Not sure of that,The say you get what you pay for.Please keep in mind that I am New to all of this and just trying to understand it.Thanks for you input...
Solidsnake 7:27 AM - 1 October, 2011
Its more of a, oh man I really like using this Serato software, and now I have all my Cue points/loops ready to roll, oh I love my VCI-100 or I love my MixTrack, now let me take a look at that VCI-300/NS6 and go with ITCH. Or same thing VCI-100/MixTrack, hmm I want to step up to more gear, let me go grab 2 pdx3000's and a pmc 05 or let me grab 2 numark ndx 900s and X mixer and get Scratch Live.

That way your gear advances and you have more options available to you, yet your library structure and music files will always retain their cue points, loops, etc.
the SOUNDINSURGENT 1:49 PM - 1 October, 2011
Feature Request - On the Mixdeck map the "MODE" button to switch between "Hot Cues" & "Samples" also please add a record feature. Yes I understand its free software but theirs no way I'm gonna buy an Itch controller when I already own an SL3, plus Itch doesn't do video.......better yet give the Mixdeck a Hybrid MIDI mode like the Denon 3700's cause even with this software your still not taking FULL advantage of the MIDI features.

Thanks for the time