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Same Song Transitions From 128-98 or 98-128

Sisco82 11:03 PM - 16 September, 2011
I am trying to learn how to make a transition either from one song to another or using the same song. For example, there is a group of people called the Anthem Kingz. They create remixes and use multiple BMP's on the same track. I want to learn how to do this because I have many ideas that will help improve my performance. What program do I need, and how do you lay different tempos thru multiple tracks on, say for instance, logic express?
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 11:23 PM - 5 October, 2011
Hey Sisco82,

Are you wanting to know how to mix two different tracks together that have different BPM's or are you wanting to know how to mix between two different BPM's in a track you are making yourself?

djintheorious 3:00 PM - 4 December, 2011
i think he is talking about the latter sam... i also would like to know how to do that. to create my own transitions tracks.
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 8:44 PM - 4 December, 2011
I couldn't tell you any particular way of doing this as there are probably hundreds. I found this video here though:



djintheorious 9:56 PM - 4 December, 2011
thanks sam... i got ableton and to b honest damn hard to use.looool. but i will try