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Pioneer CDJ 850

deejayosa 9:41 PM - 10 June, 2011
Can I know exactly what the issue with serato and the cdj 850's are? was thinking about buying a pair but from looking at the forums it appears that serato doesnt support some of its features. Maybe a more informed person about the subject matter can direct me to what the issue is. I'd appreciate it since buying a pair of 900's would cost a lot more. thanx
The Return of Dj Sparky 9:49 PM - 10 June, 2011
the issue is they dont support HID chances are they never will seeing as there out this long and no update
SELECT 10:05 PM - 10 June, 2011
I use a 850 almost every week with Serato, I love it. What features are you talking about?
Kepik 10:32 PM - 10 June, 2011
He's pretty much referring about HID support. It MAY come up in the next Serato release 2.3. Otherwise, deejaynosa, any CDJ works with Serato, its just that you would need to use a time-code CD.
deejayosa 12:02 AM - 11 June, 2011
ok thanx for clearing that up for me. appreciate it
Tunecrew 3:58 PM - 11 June, 2011
I am suspecting that HID will come at some point - the HID feature set of the 850 is most likely a subset of the 900 and 2000 and not a completely different implementation
deejayosa 10:47 PM - 12 June, 2011
alright, but if i buy the 850 i can still use them in my setup right? just cant use them as midi controller at the moment. I just wanna be able to rock out if i buy them you know.
LJ_WOOLSEY 7:35 AM - 13 June, 2011
Here's What ''Nick M'' From Serato Said....

Hey Guys,

We are currently working on the next version of Scratch Live, and have been looking at support for the CDJ-350 and 850 as part of the feature set. So far we are feeling very confident about our ability to include 350 support, but we have hit a few minor problems with the 850's firmware. We are hoping we can work with Pioneer to address these problems before the next release and include 850 support as well.
DJSIXX 2:13 PM - 13 June, 2011
yup.. you guys are right! i learned the hardway.. i do have the cdj 900s at the house and this club i showed up to, had the cdj 850.. i tried to plug in the 850's into my lil usb hub, pressed link.. and nothing happens. so i just used the serato cds's for the rest of night.. bummer.. because the cue button and the loop buttons won't work.
LJ_WOOLSEY 2:20 PM - 13 June, 2011
They would work it you have used scratchlive in ABS mode. or do you mean you wanted the link of scratchlives loops and cues on the cdj? if so yes HID is needed. But as my post i put up from Nick @ serato its in the making.
SELECT 2:44 PM - 13 June, 2011
I use relative mode with the 850 and use the loops and cue points in serato. I use it just like I would a Technics 1200.
DJSIXX 2:48 PM - 13 June, 2011
yes woolsey, i meant i wanted to use the cue button and 1,2,4,8 top left corner loop buttons on the cdj on HID mode but didn't work.. the cdj 850 itself said it linked to usb.. but when i go on INT mode, nothing happens when i press play.. works at home with the cdj 900's tho.
LJ_WOOLSEY 3:17 PM - 13 June, 2011
ya thats because the Pioneer CDJ 400 / 900 / 2000 Have Serato Native HID Mode The CDJ 350 / 850 Does not yet. But will be coming soon so Matt from Serato has said.
deejayosa 6:50 PM - 13 June, 2011
well i hope it is true and that they deliver.
NORMAN ALDER 6:37 PM - 17 October, 2011
Now that the 2.3.1 sofware is out will the Pioneer 850 work without time code cds?
NORMAN ALDER 6:40 PM - 17 October, 2011
Consequently is the pioneer 850s have Serato Native HID mode/
LJ_WOOLSEY 7:20 PM - 17 October, 2011
Yes they do now in 2.3.1
NORMAN ALDER 7:31 PM - 17 October, 2011
So Lj thanks for the information. Pardon my ignorance , i have the sl2 interface how would i connect the sl2 to my cdj850 to run in HID mode? For now i am running numark mixdeck with the sl2 and that is pretty strait cut.
Kepik 9:05 PM - 17 October, 2011
So Lj thanks for the information. Pardon my ignorance , i have the sl2 interface how would i connect the sl2 to my cdj850 to run in HID mode? For now i am running numark mixdeck with the sl2 and that is pretty strait cut.

Replace the TTs with the CDJs and the mixer with your mix deck
NORMAN ALDER 9:33 PM - 17 October, 2011
I guess i didnt ask the correct question, what mode do i run the software with respect to the cdj850, for me to get the optimal performance. And do i have to do any further adjustments in the software and the cdjs for it to run without time code cds?
Kepik 9:36 PM - 17 October, 2011
HID runs strictly Internal Mode. Whereas timecode lets you choose between Absolute or Relative.

Should be just plug and play.
p45 7:12 PM - 7 November, 2011
@norman you can connect it up as describes in Kepik 's link above for using timecode CDs

but for HID control so you can use more of the CDJs features/controls natively in serato including select tracks & use the CDJ loops etc with the CDJ controls - just connect the line out's of the SL2 box to the line in's on your mixer/mix deck (no need for any phono cables from CDJ to SL2) & just connect the 2 CDJ 850 to your laptop via USB - if you computer does not have 3 usb ports (1 for SL2 & 1 for each CDJ) plug your SL2 direct to the computer & use a POWERED usb hub ( i recommend belkin) to connect the 2 CDJ to your laptop - put serato in internal mode & put the CDJ on advanced mode (& make sure you update to latest CDJ firmware 1st - avail from pioneer site) select which deck is to be assigned to which CDj on the CDJ & you should be good to go

I have not done this with 850s but have done it quite a few times with CDJ 900s which is exactly the same process & works really well
p45 7:14 PM - 7 November, 2011
& make sure you put the CDJs into advanced mode !
NORMAN ALDER 6:56 PM - 23 November, 2011
hey guys i have the cdj 850 and i am playing in the int mode, however it doesnt have and advance mode on the 850. The 850 has pc, disc and usb, what i did was to connect the rcas cables form the 850 into the input of the sl2 and put it on pc mode. it works fine i guess, what you are sayin g i dont have to connect the rcas from the 850 to the sl2 if i am using int mode? Ok doing that how do i check if i have the latest firmware?
NORMAN ALDER 3:56 PM - 25 November, 2011
In retrospect to the advance mode for the CDJ 850, I realized to access the mode is by the menu and utility button, however when i search the hid and click on it number appear from 1 to 16 which of these numbers is the advance mode? I addition, while I'm playing in the int mode of the sratch live, at leat for an hour or more, suddenly scratch live cuts off and says some thing has stop scratch live form running? then its say the driver isnt fully installed, re installed the driver played one deck for at least 4 hrs no problem. But when i use both cdj850 simutaniously after a while the sound cuts and it say something has stopped scratchlive from playing. do you think its the buffer size that is already set to 256 from factory? should i reduce the size?
seane121 5:54 PM - 13 May, 2017
how do i set up my 850 so i can use serato video?..i coudent get the videos to sync with the crossfader
seane121 5:54 PM - 13 May, 2017
ps im using turntables