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You Need to buy this Sh*t!

djlucas 2:43 PM - 10 August, 2004
this is just a post to any newbies on the forum, if anyone is currently using final scratch and is thinking of swapping over, i would definatley say yes! Do it! you wont regret it, i had final scratch, i had so many problems with it, and it wasn't truly like a proper record i.e. spin backs scratches and wot not.
But i can honestly say after having scratch live for a week, that it is by far the best, it sounds just like a record, i still cant believe how spot on, i was expecting it to similar to a record kinda like final scratch, but i was wrong!
it also has a far better search and load set up, nice and quick!
and i've jsut heard that in the next update they are going to change the loop mode, so it loops as soon as the audio file as finished which is really cool cos, you can just use loadsa 1 bar loops that you have made or chopped up, beat juggle galore!

I just want to say a big thanks to whoever was involved in making this, it truly is amazing!

One question though for serato!
i bought my scracth live in england, so i was just wondering whether my warrinty is valid over here, as i would just die if anything happened to itand i couldn't get it fixed.

Shaun W 6:31 PM - 10 August, 2004
Your warranty is definitely valid, if you purchased Scratch LIVE from a local (England) store, you should have no problems.