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PnT Pro, PT9 and region bin procesing/feature requests

Brent_in_Sydney 3:13 AM - 12 January, 2011
Hi guys,
Just wondering if there is a feature request in place for a few things:

1. multichannel mode processing/phase coherent procesing of 5.1 material?
From your manual it says multichannel is support on stereo material, but no mention of 5.1 - also if you process a 5.1 stem both multichannel and not, and phase reverse one and render them down, there's no difference, which would indicate its not making a difference to select multi-channel on 5.1 material.

2. Audiosuite region bin processing of 5.1 material has a few niggles.
a) The PnT suffix isnt added to every channel for me (!?) and
b) often 5.1 stems come back as LCR files and mono LsRs and LFE, so they cant be dropped onto the timeline without lots of wrangling.

Yes, Im use PnTPro for pulls, hence these requests, to speed up my workflow.
Brent_in_Sydney 3:19 AM - 12 January, 2011
For a bit more info, what Id like to do is select a stack of 5.1 regions on the timeline, across multiple tracks, and pitch them using a 5.1 phase coherent pitch shift.
(time shift already having been taking care of by SRC'ing)
Id also like to process them destructively, region by region, in the region bin, using Audiosuite processing options, and have them populate/update the relevant playlists.

All the buttons are there in Protools and the workflow exists, its just PnT that doesnt support them as yet.

Is any of this on the radar for Serato?
Brent_in_Sydney 5:25 AM - 20 August, 2011
Serato? Any news on this feature request?