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usb buffer recommendation

DJCQ103 8:16 PM - 30 July, 2004
I have a P4 1.4 ghz with 512mb. Can anyone recommend what buffer setting is safe to use? Last night was the first time I tested SSL at home with buffer set to 5 and then to 0 with no problems.
I was wondering if its safe to keep it at "0" or should I be careful and leave it at "5".
btw, SSL is the bomb!
(former fs user)
Alexander 10:41 PM - 30 July, 2004
The best thing is to test it out and go with what you feel comfortable...also which is most stable but that is obvious.
namron 3:32 PM - 31 July, 2004
open your task manager while using ssl and test how much your cpu usage is.. in my oppinion if it is ~60% it will be ok.

DJCQ103 5:55 PM - 31 July, 2004
thanks namron...i'll definetly try that.
12micsn1 3:05 AM - 1 August, 2004
definitely want to check the cpu meter with any application that my drain you cpu
Josh 11:42 PM - 2 August, 2004
If you're careful not to add cpu load when you really don't want it (e.g. you decide to move a bunch of folders in explorer in the background while playing to 10000 people...) you should be fine with whatever seems to work.

There's nothing wrong with having your cpu working towards it's full capacity, just be careful. Lower buffer settings are alot more satisfying if you do alot of record manipulation IMO.
DJCQ103 12:38 AM - 3 August, 2004
I've noticed the cpu meter rises the most when you're loading a track. At that moment, the cpu meter rises to 87 - 90 percent then it drop back down again after its loaded. I hope that is normal.
Sam 1:04 AM - 3 August, 2004
yes, that's normal
DjM 1:46 AM - 3 August, 2004
From moment or your CPU does not remain to block has 100 % more than 30 seconds I think that he have no problem....