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Recording SSL? Anyone

12micsn1 4:21 AM - 30 July, 2004
I would like some suggestions on how to record using SSL.
DJ C-Zer 5:14 AM - 30 July, 2004
Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition). Use the Multi Tracker feature. Gotta love it.
Detroitbootybass 3:20 PM - 30 July, 2004
How much of a drain on the CPU is this?
fingas 6:02 PM - 31 July, 2004
Audio HJack on the Mac is the bottom line.
12micsn1 8:27 PM - 31 July, 2004
My problem is simple. I want to use ssl an record my audio from each channel on my mixer separately. Each time i move the crossfader LEFT OR RIGHT I want to see both tracks even when scratched or mixed running into its own track into the recording software. The problem I have is that this is a hardwear problem I dont see any DJ mixer design for let alone SSL.
SpinThis! 10:48 PM - 31 July, 2004
record my audio from each channel on my mixer separately.p/quote]
the way i see it you need 3 inputs (on your soundcard). one for each channel and then one for master output (post fader). split the rcas coming out of ssl then run each set to your mixer and soundcard.

My problem is simple.

fyi: I don't think anyone would consider multi-track recording a simple process. ;)
Josh 12:03 AM - 3 August, 2004
if you had enough (6) inputs you could record splits of both Scratch LIVE outputs, and also the post fader output of your mixer for a reference later... You could then add accurate fades using automation. All of which would be very time consuming....But the results would be quite impressive I think.
LowfreqFX 1:28 AM - 3 August, 2004
So to slpit the scratch live outputs should I use simple phono Y splitter adaptor? Or is there some cool piece of hardware you can reccomend?
Josh 1:56 AM - 3 August, 2004
A y cable would sound terrible IMO, you would definitely want to take an active split using a mixing console, splitter box, or distribution amp...
12micsn1 3:59 AM - 3 August, 2004
Doesnt this bring up the idea of needing a DJ mixer that can also has in and outs much like that of a studio mixer for recording. The combination of both would be call a DJ studio mixer designed for the recording and live use. This could take the Dj mixer to a whole new level. I have never seen a DJ mixer even near this concept. HMMM....TTM-56 or Empath built with recording features in mind. That would be mindblowing an I would jump on that in a minute if made. I could basically send everything to a multitrack or DAW for editing where needed.
djpetey 5:38 AM - 3 August, 2004
are we talking about a dj mixer with seperate outputs for each channel? If Im understanding what you guys, stanton makes one...I belive is the Focus Mixer....Maybe SA 8 (if not the SA 12)... One is the craze mixer and the other is the focus mixer.... it has seperate outputs for each channel so when recording in a studio, you can basically fine tune (or totally remix) your transitions..... Its actually a suprisingly good mixer.... I used it for a few days at a jazzy jeff show....
Josh 5:40 AM - 3 August, 2004
yep that would do the trick... as much as it pains me to say it... lol
djpetey 5:44 AM - 3 August, 2004
Heres the info
tashafa 3:55 PM - 3 August, 2004
did u just link to a stanton website?
djpetey 10:11 PM - 3 August, 2004
yes i did
nik39 10:51 PM - 3 August, 2004
lol :D
12micsn1 12:57 AM - 4 August, 2004
wow!!! Exactly what i need in a mixer where was Rane and Pioneer in there thinking. Im going to see where I can get a hold of one of these. An all these people saying staton made crappy products. Shame shame
Josh 1:48 AM - 4 August, 2004
An all these people saying staton made crappy products.

Well when you get it, let us know what you think. Specs are one thing, but quality unfortunately is something else entirely.
djpetey 2:34 AM - 4 August, 2004
exactly.... its a stanton mixer.... they tend to have some pretty cool and innovative IDEAS (aka final scratch), but when it comes to quality, they dont bat 100%.... this mixer is pretty damn good though from the limited use I had with it.... I wouldnt even compare its quality to a rane ttm56, but a good dj will do just fine with this stanton mixer in my opinion
Detroitbootybass 4:15 AM - 4 August, 2004
Caveat emptor.

You get what you pay for...
12micsn1 4:28 AM - 4 August, 2004
I understand the whole quality issue as a consumer. Why is this so hard for Rane and other companies not to pursue this? Not everyone is using there Dj setup for live use. This presents a perfect opportunity to offer a new product that has all the performance features like that of a Rane TTM-56 an have studio features like on the Staton SA-8 for multitrack recording,sampling,mix,production and live use.
Josh 5:53 AM - 4 August, 2004
maybe they're waiting to see how the sa-8 sells? lol.
DJ White Lightning 12:56 AM - 6 August, 2004
An all these people saying staton made crappy products.

Well when you get it, let us know what you think. Specs are one thing, but quality unfortunately is something else entirely.

Due to poor support and terrible business practices I REFUSE TO EVER BUY ANOTHER STANTON PRODUCT EVER AGAIN FOR LIFE.

They stole our money for TFS and then never helped us...

They do not deserve to be in business.
DJ White Lightning 12:57 AM - 6 August, 2004
maybe they're waiting to see how the sa-8 sells? lol.

12micsn1 3:44 AM - 7 August, 2004
For my needs, Stanton SA-8 maybe my only good choice at the moment. Im glad that someone has decided to make a DJ mixer not explicit to performance use. Its seems every other manufacturer(RANE,PIONEER,VESTAX and etc.) will just wait in the wind an follow while others lead. Building a performance mixer with multiple record outs on all channels is very innovative an useful. I cant imagine how many people were thinking of these features years ago for producing mix tapes/cds and studio production use but settle for much less then there required needs. Only one DJ mixer in the entire Dj market all this time is hard to believe. With so many products looking like copycats. Sometimes, theres really only one of kind that has yet to be copied. Rane could build a Dj mixer like that of the TTM-56 with multitrack features much like the Stanton SA-8. Mostly geared toward performance and studio recording use in mind then. Theres plenty of room in the market as far as I can see here with this. this would definitely solve my issue with SSL an my recording needs.
s42000 4:30 AM - 7 August, 2004
Just for kicks I got an SA-8. As with all Stanton products I was not suprised with their poor quality. My rane TTM-56 just blows the stanton out of this galaxy. The most annoying feature on the stanton mixer are the transfom swithches ... they cannot stick in position, they keep moving during basic fader scratches. the only thing going for it is the separate outs for each channel.

I would wait for Rane to make a mixer like this. Its back to the store with that stanton piece of crap.
12micsn1 6:24 AM - 7 August, 2004
I decided to send a email to Rane an hope they see the light. Im going to keep doing that with every manufacturer I can send emails to in the near future.