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General Help with Program

[nfc]wave 7:54 PM - 23 July, 2004
Ok, I am in the process of deciding on some decks. I am a new DJ but know that I want to use the Serato program with my eventual new decks. I am not looking to do turntablalist style DJing, more continual work (example Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, etc). So, mixing songs together.

My question is this; I am considering purchasing the following decks and am wondering if they are compatible with Scratch Live.

Decks - 2 TT1550 multi-directional efficient belt drive turntables

Mixer - DM950 2 channel + mic mixer with EQ on each channel and slider style cuing

Is this all compatable with Serato Scratch Live? If not, what would I need to get? Is belt or direct drive to work with Scratch Live and for what I am looking to do?

I hope I didn't ask to many questions as I am new to DJing.


lancota 8:43 PM - 23 July, 2004
personally I would do these:

and then buy a cheap mixer. You always wanna go with Direct Drive TT's if possible, belt driven tt's will always be harder that shite to mix with.
lancota 8:44 PM - 23 July, 2004
Or this would give you the whole package for only 50 dollars more than what you're lookin at...
[nfc]wave 8:47 PM - 23 July, 2004
But what I'm asking is, will both belt drive and direct drive work with SSL? One any better than the other?

And, will a 2 channel mixer work with SSL? Those are my main questions.
SpinThis! 2:22 AM - 24 July, 2004
Both belt-drive and direct drive work fine as would any basic mixer.

The difference in direct vs belt is direct drive gets up to speed quicker and holds it better (there's no belt to slip around). A strong motor is important for scratching. Usually belt drives will slip and take ages to get back up to speed. For basic mixing, you can get by with a belt-drive but it's not as "solid".
radish 3:29 AM - 24 July, 2004
Will it work with SSL? Yes. Would you be much better off with direct drives in general? Oh yes.
AJ 10:45 PM - 24 July, 2004
Both direct and belt drive turntables work with scratch live, it only affects the quality of the rotation of the turntable platter, so belt drive will work the same with scratch live as it does with regular vinyl.

And, will a 2 channel mixer work with SSL?

Yes. However, you need to check how many inputs the mixer has. I see the mixer has a line/phono switch, to switch between regular vinyl and line level (like scratch live). This implies that there are four pairs of inputs on the back, 2 line, and 2 phono. This will work fine with ssl. On the other hand, if there is only two pairs of inputs, 2 line/phono switchable, then you will not easily be able to switch between scratch live and ordinary vinyl. Even if this is the case, you don't sound like someone who is planning to invest in a vinyl collection, so you should be good either way.