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Looking for answers from Rane/SSL!!!!

12micsn1 1:41 AM - 22 July, 2004
Im in a buying dilema. I dont own or have ever used SSL at the moment. Im living in Chicago, IL US but so far I havent been able to a find dealer who has a laptop and SSL period. Many people are skeptics from those I have talk to about using a laptop in a gig. I dont know if this because they want to stick to what works best for them. Or they believe laptops and software are to risky having never seen in action such as myself first hand. I really want to try out the NUMARK CDX and Pioneer CDJ-1000mk2 with SSL ASAP. Where can I go to check SSL out? How is this product being marketed to DJS who cant seem to find a place to even see it in action? Is there a demostration tour in the works for Chicago or elsewhere in the US? Would a hardwear version of SSL be better for DJs who feel this way software?
Shaun W 4:31 PM - 22 July, 2004
For a list of Rane Dealers in your area please check here
Hopefully one of those dealers will have a demo setup available.
AJ 12:15 AM - 24 July, 2004
Actually, if you really want a great demo fo the product, I will personally be visiting Chicago next month. I will be accompanied by The national sales manager from Rane. Together with a Shure needles representative we will be presenting a clinic on Scratch LIVE in conjunction with the Vinyl Kombat DJ battle. Watch the news section for updated information on the dates and times of the clinic(s).
12micsn1 2:02 PM - 24 July, 2004
Thats good news to hear. My wish has been granted. I already had plans to attend. Now the clinic is just icing on the cake. My setup includes both CDJ and turntables. Im hoping the demonstration will include using both turntables and CDJ(NUMARK CDX or PIONEER CDJ-800/1000mk2). The Numark CDX/SSL is a hotsetup alone I would pay extra for. It would be totally jaw dropping for the crowd to see in action. If you could get the local dealers in the area to attend would be fantastic as well. There so many people who dont have a clue about SSL. I will be out spreading the word as soon as you can give me the date and time of the clinic.
DJ Ty - agiprodj 9:31 AM - 25 July, 2004
When people see SSL it's usually a jaw dropping reaction. When they see SSL running on my CDXs - their reaction is just more of the same.

Just like spinnin vinyl....
12micsn1 11:18 PM - 25 July, 2004
AJ and djtybuchanan:

My itch to checkout SSL couldnt keep me still long enough so I made a few phones calls around town. An low and behold, I located the famous MIDWEST STEREO and LIGHTING on CLARK AND DIVERSITY in CHICAGO where they had SSL setup an ready to go. If anyone wants to see some of Chicagos most famous DJs look no further then here an the legendary Gramaphone Records just a few blocks away from each other. There are walls of pictures representing who has come through there stores. Both places are not to far from THE METRO where the VINYL KOMBAT TOUR is to be held August 19.

OK, I finally got my first hands on demo of SSL with both turntables and NUMARKS CDX. I made specific recommendations of using the NUMARK CDX in demoing SSL since both are recieving the most praise. My first impression using both platforms was really excellent. Scratching is really liquid with SSL an I felt that i was cutting with just a traditional vinyl and turntable. i would definitely boooed this product in the worst way if i thought it hyped up crap. Fortuanately, its really DOPE once you get your hands on it. For me, it would be very hard for someone to say SSL doesnt live up to the hype. IT goes way beyond that an more. Any DJ will love this program instantly even if they dont wish to part ways with there vinyl or cd collection for SSL.

After demoing the SSL on turntables I went straight to getting to see how CDX would work. The Numarks CDX impressed me the most acting as cd controller to SSL. I used every feature an it worked flawlessly something I wasnt expecting from the NUMARK CDX. Good job Numark for making a great product. I was hoping to get the same results on the Pioneer CDJ-1000 but never tried them with them with SSL. Hopefully equally impressive results as the CDX.

If there was one problem I did notice using SSL. It was flipping the tranformer switch on the mixer. I dont know what really happened when i did this. Apparently, this caused a real bad noise which freaked me out for a second but the person helping me told me the software cant be flipped from phono to cd instantly. I guess this means no transformer switching. I may have a work around answer to this with my Pioneer DJM-909. It doesnt use the same phono/line switching as other mixers. This also wasnt a big enough deal to stop me from saying no altogether with SSL. I was really impressed enough to become a believer an made a official purchased.

Anyways, Im hoping to attend any clinic once the date and time is official.
DJ Dynamight 4:01 PM - 26 July, 2004
Welcome to the clan, 12micsn1!
AJ 8:08 PM - 26 July, 2004
If there was one problem I did notice using SSL. It was flipping the tranformer switch on the mixer. I dont know what really happened when i did this. Apparently, this caused a real bad noise which freaked me out for a second but the person helping me told me the software cant be flipped from phono to cd instantly. I guess this means no transformer switching.

This isn't a problem with scratch live, it is to do with the way the mixer is set up. The traditional setup for scratch live is to connect the pass-thrus to the phono inputs and the line outs to the line level inputs. This is only appropriate if you are spinning on regular vinyl, because the SLU takes whatever input you give it and passes it unchanged out the thru connectors. The implication of this is that if you connect a line-level control (like the CDX) then you are effectively connecting a line level cd player to the phono level inputs of your mixer.

The "transform" switch on most mixers is really just an input selector, so if you switch from the line to phono while using scratch live, then you are going to hear the control tone from the record.

If you don't want to hear the tone, then you should not connect the thrus to the mixer, however this means you won't be able to put a regular vinyl record on the deck and play it through by simply switching the inputs. Some new mixers have a real transform switch that actually turns off the signal and uses a separate switch for choosing inputs.

If you connect line level controllers (like CDX) to the SLU and then connect the THRUs to the phono input on your mixer then you are going to get a very loud distorted sound when you flip the input selecter (aka transform switch) to phono. Line level signals are just not mean to go through phono preamps.
djrhouse 11:13 PM - 26 July, 2004
My name is DJ Ron. I am new to the forum. I have the Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2/DJM 500 setup and Dual Double Bass Bose PAS System. How can this software work with my setup. I also have a Dell laptop with MP3 music files. I need expert opinion on how to get started. I am excited about this new approach abandoning carrying all those CD's. I am ready to buy now! Any help would be appreciated.
lancota 11:23 PM - 26 July, 2004
Step one, buy SSL
Step two, hook up the SSL USB interface
Step three, install SSL Program
Step four, download iTunes and throw your MP3's in it
Step five, start SSL and smile

SSL is really just that easy, and if you're using CDJ's there's no pitch problem that's inherant with the vinyl's.
12micsn1 11:31 PM - 26 July, 2004
Do you see where bad information gets us these days? At least I have a good staff in this forum to correct me very quickly where ever I maybe wrong. Now only if BUSH had the best intelligence with weapons of mass destruction before going to war. Things would be different. I really dont see this being an issue with my mixer it does have a real transform switch that doesnt switch from phono to line so that is good.
DJ White Lightning 11:31 PM - 26 July, 2004
Basically you just read the Directions that come with it, and you will be set up in 10 minutes or less.
12micsn1 5:57 AM - 27 July, 2004
DJRHOUSE: Do as I did, find the nearest local dj store near you. An call them up an see if they have Rane/SSL setup. Then make a request you want to test your CDJ-1000 with Rane/SSL because you are seriously interested. Beware not every place you go to will even have SSL setup an ready to go. Some places are still in the dark ages with computer software like SSL unfortunately. Any good DJ store will be more then happy to get you in for a demonstration. Go ahead an ask dealer to demo both vinyl and cd so you have a better idea how the system works. you can make your choice from there.