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Anyone else not having any luck with this site?

DJ Food 5:49 AM - 29 December, 2006
Not sure if i'm missing something obvious here but the site is painfully slow, most pages / posts take 30 seconds to load. Anyone else getting this? I'm using Safari 1.3.2 if that's any help.

All downloads are greyed out, i get a clickable link when I hover the cursor over the titles but when I click nothing happens. Do I have to be on these label's mailing lists to get these tracks? I expected to log on and download away but it seems not.

dj cubicle 6:28 AM - 29 December, 2006
Things are slow, that's for sure. Not sure what to say about the Safari issue as I'm using Firefox, although the links all work fine for me. Maybe update your flash plugin?
Matt G 6:30 AM - 29 December, 2006
We were having problems with our file server yesterday, which made everything slow to a crawl. That's just been fixed, so the speed should be all good again.

The file server problem might also be related to why the tracks weren't downloading for you. Give it another try now and see how it goes.
DJ Food 7:01 PM - 29 December, 2006
running faster today for sure but still can't download files. Just to make sure: all the files here should be available to everyone right? The titles of each release are in a lighter grey than the headings (Artist etc)?
Which Flash version should I be using?

Matt G 7:23 PM - 29 December, 2006
All the releases are available to you. Certainly if you can see it in the list, it's available for download.

For Flash, any version 8 or above will suffice for playing the previews. But for downloading you don't need Flash.

When you click on a release, do you see the track list of the release appear in black underneath it?
DJ Food 10:56 PM - 29 December, 2006
When you click on a release, do you see the track list of the release appear in black underneath it?

no, when i click on a release nothing happens full stop
Matt G 7:48 AM - 30 December, 2006
Damn. Ok, I understand what's happening now. It sounds like there's a bug in Safari 1.3.2.

I'm guessing you're using OS X Panther (10.3)? In which case you can't upgrade Safari to a newer version, because 1.3.2 is the newest version for Panther. So as a temporary fix you could install Firefox ( and use that for this site.

Granted that's a hassle. So when I get back in the office after new years I'll do some testing in Safari 1.3.2 and fix the problem properly.
Matt G 7:50 AM - 30 December, 2006
Oh, one other thing it could be is that you might have Javascript turned off. Go into Safari's Preferences -> Security, and check that 'Enable JavaScript' is ticked.
DJ Food 4:13 AM - 31 December, 2006
Hi matt
Yes i'm using OSX 10.3.9 running Safari 1.3.2, Javascript is enabled and the newest version of Flash i can find on the machine is 9. I can't upgrade to 10.4 on this machine because it's a 450 processor and the minimum is 500 required for that i think. I run Camino as well as a browser which is mozilla too I think, so I will try that. Thanks for the feedback, glad to see i'm not the only one as well

DJ Food 4:17 AM - 31 December, 2006
OK, just tried it in Camino - works fine, I get a black drop down with the tracks available, preview and download buttons. looks like there is a bug in Safari 1.3.2...
DJ Food 5:20 AM - 31 December, 2006
seems to work fine in Camino but there are a few viewing bugs, when you click on a track, get the drop down menu it's all cool. There doesn't seem to be a 'close drop down menu' button so i just clicked on the grey header with the titles. When i did this there were some bugs in viewing the tracks immediately underneath where the drop down had been and the othe page number disappeared. When i refreshed the window it was fine but had jumped back to page 1 again.

It would be nice if more page numbers were viewable rather than 1,2,3,4...18,19. This is going to be more of a problem as the site grows...
Matt G 12:26 PM - 31 December, 2006
Yeah, definitely sounds like a Safari 1.3.2 bug. But I should be able to find a work around to get it working in that version of Safari. I'll see if I can work around the visual glitch in Camino too.

I'm planning on getting in some more specific ways of viewing the releases soon, which will help for slimming down the number of pages. ie. being able to go to a page that only has releases of a specific genre, or from a specific label. Ultimately it'd also be nice if we could have our own customised downloads pages.
Matt G 12:43 PM - 31 December, 2006
I've just done some Camino testing. In version 0.8.2 it was terrible, with all sorts of visual glitches. But with the latest version (1.0.3) it all seems to be working correctly so far. So the fix for Camino appears to be to upgrade to the latest version. Unless you're already using the latest version, in which case something stranger is going on.

I'll have a go at sorting out the Safari 1.3.2 problem when I'm back in the office, near a Panther machine I can test with.

Hope you have a good new years :)
DJ Food 2:58 PM - 31 December, 2006
not sure which version of Camino I have (it's on my other machine) and I'm away at the moment but it's an old one for sure. Have a great new year, look forward to working with you in 2007

DJ Food 4:08 AM - 2 January, 2007
it's 0.8.1 - will upgrade - thanks and Happy New Year