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Corex 6:51 AM - 28 December, 2006
So I read the FAQ about WL, but I still don't understand one thing.. I'm a young dj in my city, 15 years old only right now, but i've been working with the big radio station out in my city doing the all ages club jams and some of the older club shows. Also, I've been djing on the radio lately too, but I dont understand how I'm suppost to get onto the promoter lists and other lists to get more new music from wl. Can one of the administrators fill me in. Thanks guys. By the way, this is an absolute sick idea
Talrinys 3:53 PM - 28 December, 2006
That will all apply when this goes out beta i'm sure, for now we're just making sure all the features are getting ready. And nice to see more young people in this, i'm 15 too and it seems like i'm the only guy who cares about quality mixing at my age really.
Noizemakers 7:54 PM - 28 December, 2006
Damn... Doing big things at 15
Talrinys 8:04 PM - 28 December, 2006
Better to get started early you know ;)
Got a lot of mixing elements on lock, going into production now, would like to make a living outta this ;)
Corex 6:39 AM - 29 December, 2006
Hey T, me and another dj, ASmooth, are both 15, and we both talk to eachother and critique eachother's works etc etc. He's in NYC, I'm in Canada, and apparently your in denmark heh. You happen to have myspace? Check mine out and then send me a pm there, maybe we can msn.