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Drag from audio Pro Tools region bin?

ArenDownie 11:14 PM - 13 September, 2006
Hi guys- I work out of a large post facility here in CA, and I just demo'd SSE here. Scratch Studio Edition is a fantastic tool for sound effects editing and sound design!

I know it's probably a limitation on the Pro Tools side (as this feature would be great for many other PT plug-ins...), but it would be really great to just drag files from the bin into SSE.

On a side-note:
I think for post-production/sound design uses, timecode CD's and a CDJ-type of unit would be more practical then a turntable setup (smaller, no audible tone from the vinyl). Perhaps a download for SSE cutomers to make thier own CDs?

Cheers, -Aren
Josh 5:50 AM - 18 September, 2006
Hi Aren, good suggestion re: drag and drop, and thanks for the kind words :-)

you can use Scratch LIVE CDs with SSE... and their happens to be an image up for download from the Rane site here: rane.com

it's a .wav file of the control signal, just burn to audio CD using whatever app you have handy. ^_^

- josh