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Serato Sample is not recording in logic

dj xia1 2:20 AM - 8 February, 2020
Hi so I am having an issue in Logic Pro X was serato sample. The issue is It is not recording any media information to logic. There is sound and everything but there is no midi information being recorded. I am running Logic Pro X 10.4.8 and I am on a MacBook pro. 10.15.2. with 8 gig of memory Intel core i5 processor and a 256 ssd. I been having this issue and have not been able to use the software. I just recently updated to Serato version 1.2 and Im still having the issue where there is no midi information being recorded in my seeing.

IF there any advice out there Please I would gladly appreciate the help. I have tried to delete the software and reinstall several time to no avail.
Any help form the dev team or advice on how to tackle would be nice.
Pavol Markovič 5:52 AM - 8 February, 2020

Serato Sample is plugin instrument and responds to MIDI notes sent by Logic, but does not generate any MIDI information by itself. Are the built-in Logic instruments working the way you expect from Serato Sample?

To better understand the issue we'd need more detailed information on what steps you are doing and what is your goal.

Kind regards,
dj xia1 12:01 PM - 8 February, 2020
Lets start with my goal, my goal is to sample some one shot wave file, manipulate it to my liking, record said one shot wave file and come up with a musical idea to use in my music composition.
My process to accomplish that is:

1. I open my DAW of choice which just happen to be logic Pro X (10.4.8 the latest updated

2. I create a software instrument. (empty channel strip, regular audio output etc, etc ,etc...or
blah blah blah...which ever is suited).

3. I choose my instrument which in this case is Serato Sample...stereo output.

4. I go to my OneShot wave file folder and choose the one shot I want to manipulate and
drag it to "LOAD AUDIO FILE" window in Serato Sample. I establish my first cue point
adjust my key, it auto syncs to my DAW's bpm...levels, filters, attack and release are
adjusted according to my personal taste.

5. I hit record or the "R" on my keyboard to begin recording in Logic, I wait for the count in
and hold down the key on my midi keyboard associated with the cue point or value I
created or established in Serato Sample for my loaded OneShot wave file that I have
chosen to work with.

6. I hit the "space bar" on my keyboard to stop the recording process and the channel strip
that Serato Sample is on, there is no midi data recorded in my arrangement window. Or
nothing is recorded at all.

7. I remove Serato Sample from the channel strip and find another way to manipulate my
One Shot wave sample on some struggle type ish...

I hope you Pavol understand what I want or is trying to accomplish the process I have taken to get there.

What I want is for you to now tell me based on my circumstances how to fix it, so I don't have to make some struggle type music " In the year of our lord 2020" with a tool that is suppose to make my workflow simple, but instead leave me with struggle on my mind and a missing $80 in my pocket.
Pavol Markovič 6:52 PM - 8 February, 2020
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your time describing the steps. It really helps to better understand the problem because – as I've mentioned before – Serato Sample as an extension of DAW (Logic in this case) provides extra functionality with sample creation and playback, but does not alter the way DAWs record the notes. There are some instruments that give you option to drag'n'drop MIDI notes from plugin window to track, so I wasn't sure if that's the thing you are looking for.

Based on the description of your steps all looks good. So I wonder in the step 6, isn't there a new MIDI clip with notes created on the instrument track? There should be one – having red color during recording and track color after recording, playing the clip should then trigger the Sample pads.

I recommend contacting our support team with this problem, you can do it from this page by clicking the green button "Open Help Request".