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Eve evolve 50

dj rickc 9:39 AM - 14 February, 2018
Hey guys, I was looking for some hands on only feedback about the evolve 50 system. That means you own it and use it. I currently own k12 and 181 subs. I am aware that the evolve will not cover what the Qsc will. I am not interested opinions about any other column set ups ex rcf, turbo etc. this is the set up we are getting. Will purchase two. Most of my events are 75-150 guests. Everything from doing wop to current pop. I also do vocals to tracks at gigs. Ps can no longer lift the heavier stuff due to an injury and age. Lol! Use sx2 and demon 7000. Thx for any info. DJ rick
pdidy 4:33 AM - 15 February, 2018