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pitch and time LE

mvh 1:59 PM - 16 June, 2006
This is great, making Pitch and time more affordable. I realise It has to be stripped of features because of the price difference, but I think the omission of the time stretch tool in protools is a bit tight of serato! I'm sure it says it in the pre-sales blurb, but I did not realise until I got it. New customers should be aware of this very large difference between the LE version and the full TDM for protools. Otherwise, it sounds every bit as good as the full version.
mvh 2:02 PM - 16 June, 2006
sorry, just noticed it works with PT7.2 Doh!! Just ignore me. Great product!
dave 10:30 PM - 18 June, 2006
Thanks mvh, I'm glad you figured that out! The time compression/expansion tool is a Pro Tools feature so its more a matter of getting Pro Tools to work with Pitch 'n Time LE than the other way around.