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mistabigmike 2:26 AM - 29 August, 2017
Ok I have downloaded the thing installed the VST and The component went into logic set the proper settings to recognize it then attempted to load a sample and nothing. I was under the impression that serato sample was a stand alone program that could be used with other programs but I am not sure where I went wrong because I can not locate or launch the serato sample program can some one give me a hand
Scott S 11:13 PM - 29 August, 2017
Hi mistabigmike, sorry to hear you're having some issues. Serato Sample isn't a stand-alone application and you'll need to use it with a DAW like Logic Pro. You'll only need the component (.au) for use with Logic Pro, the VST is not required.

When loading Serato Sample into a instrument channel it is loaded way you would any third-party synth or instrument. Insert a new software instrument and choose Serato > Serato Sample (stereo). You should then be able to play the 16 pads with 16 notes on your piano roll or keyboard (starting from C1) when the channel is armed.

Hope this helps!