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DJM-S9 Software Update request: Decks 3 and 4

Hermanator 4:58 PM - 4 August, 2017
Please add 2 features to benefit the DJM-S9 using decks 3 and 4.
The hardware has great potential with the switch between decks 1&3 and 2&4, but it's hardly utilized.

1) In 2-screen view, switch the deck based on the hardware switch. This should be a simple addition, since Serato can see which deck is active & deactivates the other.

2) Add a setting option to allow all decks to continue playing, regardless of deck setting. This way, you can control & play Deck 1, while playing a loop on Deck 3. Then switch to Deck 3 to control it (fade it out or whatever) without interrupting 1.

I don't fully understand the purpose of Deck 3 & 4 on a DJM-S9 without these features incorporated. Sure, I can use 4-screen mode to see tracks loaded onto extra decks for quicker play... but it also doubles the amount of things to look at that you're not using (4 waveforms when you really only use 2...).

Please help make this hardware feature more useful by adding these functions.

Thank you!
Fenrok 5:01 PM - 4 August, 2017
I saw another thread suggesting this from 2015; I think the feature is long over-due. Serato, please update. This should be a simple one, right?
DJ_Clippz 9:42 AM - 20 February, 2018
Hi mate I use the 3&4 deck feature when playing with another with a 2nd laptop. I believe this is the main function and purpose of it. Check out a thread I started explaining 1 type of set up utilising this feature