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A Question Regarding Moving From Demo To Full Paid Version.....

J..B.. 11:34 AM - 4 August, 2017
Hi All,

I've been using the demo of Sample for around 3 weeks and I'm now looking at getting the full version.

I have a few songs in my DAW that I've used the Sample demo on, will the instances of Sample stay on those tracks when I upgrade to the paid version or will they be erased and I'll lose what I've written?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Take it easy,

Martin C 2:11 AM - 5 August, 2017
Hi J..B..

When you upgrade to the full version, all your instances of Sample, the cues and other changes you've made will still be there, so you can continue to work on your projects.

In fact, even when the trial runs out, you'll still be able to hear Serato Sample in your project, but you won't be able to access the main interface to continue making changes :)

Hope this helps!
J..B.. 8:27 AM - 5 August, 2017

That's great, thank you for the reply.

Take it easy,