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Trinibad1 8:57 PM - 16 July, 2017
So I downloaded the demo and used it in Propellerhead's Reason 9.5 and Bitwig 1 and it works wonderfully. This first version is a beast. I am going to buy it. The options are virtually intuitive. I just have some request though.
1. Platter control. I would like to use my DJ controller to scratch the samples and loops. I see that I could automate the seek needle and various parameters in it's own lane so, I think scratch parameters of some sort would be awesome to record and manipulate.

2. Audio outputs for slices. With this feature I could put different fx on input track in my DAW.

3. Automate the Keyboard mode. I would love automate this option on a slice so I could record one seamless performance. (used with scratch mode)

4. Midi learn. Well, midi learn.

I am in demo mode as I am writing this so please disregard if these options are already in. Thank You
Scott S 10:44 PM - 17 July, 2017
Thanks for the feedback and feature suggestions Trinibad1, we'll have a think about these for some future updates :)

Glad to hear you're enjoying Serato Sample.

Trinibad1 6:19 AM - 20 July, 2017
I am getting a better understanding of the Favorite and Select All functions. Really cool. My Sampling workflow is much faster now.