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Loopman 4:34 PM - 13 July, 2017
Congrats Serato on making a great sampler - it is really easy to get going quickly and I really enjoy the waveform view and how you can just drop in your sample start points.

I work in Cubase and this is no doubt a great addition for my workflow. The new sampler in Cubase is too simple and TAL Sampler and Kontakt takes too much work to get going. Not to mention how bad the Kontakt GUI is - oh the terror.

anyways I really hope for you focus your next updates to make it possible to name each pad and have separate outputs for each pad.

the bpm and key detection seems to work perfect for me so far :)
Scott S 11:35 PM - 17 July, 2017
Hi Loopman, thanks for the feedback. We're hoping to find a solution to making the pads easier to differentiate, and naming them is definitly something we've considered :)

I dont have any further info just yet but i'd like to see it included in a future update. Glad to hear you're enjoying Serato Sample and there's something to help your workflow!