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Velocity Sensitivity

J..B.. 8:56 PM - 11 July, 2017
Hi everyone,

I've just started to use "Sample" which I personally love but there seems to be quite an important feature missing from it, unless someone can correct me and tell me that I just haven't got it set up correctly? There doesn't seem to be velocity sensitivity built into the program so when I'm triggering cues/samples they can only be played at one volume.

I know that each pad has its own volume control which can be altered but this doesn't have the same effect or playability as velocity sensitivity would have and the volume/sensitivity of the sound can't even be altered in my DAW (Logic). If I have midi notes played into Logic which are triggering cues in "Sample" those notes all have the same volume regardless of whether Logic registers the midi note as having a velocity of 1 or 127, so when I press a note on my midi keyboard to trigger "Sample" it will only play at one velocity regardless of how hard or soft I'm playing.

Am I missing something within "Sample" or has this feature not been included yet? It really needs to be in there so that full creative use of this great piece of software can be achieved.

Thanks for any replies and take it easy,

Scott S 10:09 PM - 11 July, 2017
Thanks J..B.., we don't support the use of MIDI velocity to control volume at this stage, but it's something we'd love to add in the future :)

Do you think volume is the main thing you'd want to adjust by MIDI velocity?
J..B.. 11:32 PM - 11 July, 2017

Thanks for the quick reply, it's much appreciated. I'm sure people will come up with more things that would be nice to be controlled by midi velocity but the way I see it is whilst you have no control over the volume it kind of takes away a lot of the creativity of this great software. For instance, say you create an instrument that spans all pads/keys by activating "keyboard mode", you can't actually play the "instrument" properly as each sound will be playing at full volume so there will be no dynamics/nuances to the sound, if that makes sense?

Also, another example is that you may want to trigger a certain cue numerous times in sequence as a build up or going quieter in a track but you can't have any dynamic volume range to the cue/sample as each hit would just trigger at full volume unless you tried to put the same sound on numerous pads and tried to adjust each pad volume knob independently which would be really time consuming and wouldn't sound smooth or realistic. I was actually thinking you could achieve that effect if need be by drawing in some volume automation in the DAW (Logic for me) but I just tried it and "Volume/Velocity" doesn't even show as an option for automation on "Sample".

Anyway that's just my two cents on a couple of examples as to why I think midi velocity would really improve an already brilliant piece of software and would enhance it's creative capabilities. It really is a great piece of software and even though I only started using the trial version today I'm already absolutely hooked on it and will definitely be investing in the full version so a big thanks to the team for putting out there.

Again, thanks for the quick response and take it easy,


P.S. You could eventually add a key command to the software that lets you toggle between which function the midi velocity actually triggers if there are other functions that people would like it to trigger, but I personally do feel that volume is the most important one.
Scott S 1:59 AM - 12 July, 2017
Thanks for the feedback - we'll see what we can do :)
Beat_Wilson 4:22 AM - 12 July, 2017
couldn't you just do this in ableton/maschine?
Beat_Wilson 4:27 AM - 12 July, 2017
I think its great software for time stretching samples that easily degrade with other software. if i was using drums and all that i would probably resample to be honest. I just want to use it for Melodies/Loops.
J..B.. 10:24 AM - 25 July, 2017

If I used Ableton/Maschine maybe I could but as I don't like or use either of them then it's a no.