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Triggering Cuepoints with laptops inbuilt keyboard

xRAINESUPREMEx 7:23 AM - 11 July, 2017
Hey all, i have Serato Sample running in Ableton 8 on OSX and all seems to work but i cant seem to trigger the cuepoints using the corresponding keys on my computers keyboard? I am able to trigger them fine using a mouse though...Any ideas?
Nick M 8:00 AM - 11 July, 2017

Try shifting the key controls down a couple of octaves. See this link here for more info:
xRAINESUPREMEx 8:07 AM - 11 July, 2017
Stupid me didn't have the track armed for recording.... all is good now:)
Dj Owe 11:12 AM - 18 August, 2017
thanks finally got this to trigger now just need to learn how to get this recording so i can make tunes