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Introducing the Mixars Primo and Quattro, forthcoming in Serato DJ

7:00 PM, 16 Jan 2017
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g money 10:34 PM - 16 January, 2017
are you guys gone update the ns7 2 just wondering i don't want to get rid of my machine it cost to much
J.J. 12:00 AM - 17 January, 2017
Great products Alessio!

are you guys gone update the ns7 2 just wondering i don't want to get rid of my machine it cost to much

Where is the NS7ii Sierra drivers?
DJ Smith (Nigeria) 12:01 AM - 17 January, 2017
Since this is a 2 channel controller is Serato also going to upgrade the firmware of DDJ SB for Serato DJ enabled?
deejdave 12:42 AM - 17 January, 2017
Since this is a 2 channel controller is Serato also going to upgrade the firmware of DDJ SB for Serato DJ enabled?

There are other two channel controllers that are already Serato DJ enabled................ why would one more mean all DDJ-SB owners now get Serato DJ for free. Furthermore think of how someone who owns a DDJ-SB and actually spent their hard money on a license just to see everyone who did not get a license for free. Does this sound right?
DJ Smith (Nigeria) 1:15 AM - 17 January, 2017
Ok I understand
DJ SM 11:49 AM - 17 January, 2017
Please we're still waiting to get the updates for Ns7 for sierra.this should be a priority instead of releasing new controllers everyday...let's improve what we already have.
djbvax 1:38 PM - 17 January, 2017
deejdave 2:09 PM - 17 January, 2017
Drivers are the responsibility of the manufacturer (numark) and asking serato to stall progress for everyone who is excited for new hardware does not seem fair. Thr day any given manufacturer must halt all development until a competing manufacturer or developer releases something g we will be in more trouble than one can imagine. How long is a manufacturer expected to support something? In all fairness it says right on product page that Mac OS 10.6 - 10.11 is required. Is there something there that hints that they owe anybody anything further?

Ftr I can understand the ns7II and III but the original serato itch ns7?
westell54 6:18 AM - 7 March, 2017
What are the dimensions of the Primo? What do the jog wheels look like in action? I've emailed Mixars twice and haven't received a response yet. I'm curious because I feel like I can finally replace my VCI-380. I just hope the platters aren't cheap.
DJ Tecniq 8:48 AM - 13 April, 2017
Wow so just to clarify this is the only 2 channel controller with DVS support? Or are there others out there? I'm only interested in 2 channel.
Enkay67 12:54 PM - 11 May, 2017
What's the timeline on this now? I'd been expecting a May release but there's no news since January on your site or theirs.
Robejz 12:48 PM - 18 May, 2017
I'm trying to find out the release date also. They originally said 'quarter 2', by there's been no news since January.
It makes me think that the model at the trade shows was just an empty box, put there to create interest in the company, and they're no nearer to releasing it now than they were then.
I wish they'd let us know because I'm looking to replace my VCI-380 and I think the Primo could be the one.
I'm wondering if they're gonna wait until BPM in the summer to make an announcement.
Enkay67 10:26 PM - 22 May, 2017
Just seen that reckon their first shipment will be October :-(
papagp 11:33 PM - 24 May, 2017

Musicstore has june 7
westell54 1:11 PM - 26 May, 2017
They finally replied to one of my many emails and it doesn't look like it will be in June here in the US. I preordered one that was initially claiming a May release date, then changed it to June 7. Now, it's looking like it will be later in the summer, or maybe even closer to October.
Enkay67 1:30 PM - 26 May, 2017
I want to see a date and some demo videos before I pre-order because it has that "too good to be true" feel about it for £500. Let's see what the summer shows bring, but the Pioneer option will soon look more attractive.
deejdave 4:21 PM - 26 May, 2017
I'm hoping serato goes in deeper with pioneer and we see an SP2, sx3, S92, and possibly some new single deck midi players. Even some mobile (iOS) options for dj player pro/djay pro would be nice too.
Enkay67 6:00 PM - 26 May, 2017
If there's an update to the DDJ-SR then its a no-brainer for me, but I have a fear that Pioneer and Serato will part ways as Rekordbox gets stronger so more development with Serato seems unlikely. Just speculation, nothing more.
deejdave 9:27 PM - 26 May, 2017
I would agree with you if the SZ2 were not just recently released which pretty much confirms the opposite. Problem is Rekordbox DJ is not nearly as strong as it may seem according to Pioneer's own clever marketing and hype. It is pretty great don't get me wrong it just is not getting the traction. Combine this with the fact of the NXS2's serato compatibility as well as the DJM-S9's huge success and we pretty much have that answered already. I am just hoping we see the specific items I listed above is all :)
Telony Ex 10:14 PM - 11 June, 2017
Waiting on the primo. My sx2 is done and since i already have accesory. Case etc. i wud cop primo since pioneer give up on serato to focus on rbdj. Not expecting any upgrade for ddjsx line. Primo seems like perfect replacement
deejdave 11:59 PM - 11 June, 2017
The SZ2 was released just recently and the S9 has been one of their biggest hits as of recently. Furthermore the entire NXS2 line was granted Serato support with Pioneer's blessing. As a matter of fact they created the entire Pioneer Certification program for third party SW developers. I am missing where Pioneer gave up on Serato................
DJ Tecniq 8:33 AM - 28 August, 2017
Still waiting for the Primo to come out...Damn I'm anxious. Was gonna get a 4 ch controller w/DVS but not after hearing about the Primo. 2 ch w/DVS I'm sold🙋🏼‍♂️
DJ Tecniq 12:17 AM - 29 August, 2017
So just got done chatting with Kevin from AgiproDJ he contacted Mixars on when the Primo will officially be released and I'm sad to say Mixars has no ETA on the Primo and have cancelled all backorders...shitty! A 2 ch controller w/dvs has been long overdue. I'm very disappointed in Mixars. Have heard constant rumors of date changes. Damn shame!!!
Telony Ex 12:56 AM - 30 August, 2017
Mixars had a grand entrance and a grand closing it seem. Great effort though. Duo was well received.
DJ Tecniq 8:52 AM - 7 September, 2017
Screw the Primo the SR2 will be released end of this month. W/DVS support case closed👌🏼
DJ Tecniq 11:56 AM - 10 September, 2017
^ screw that it looks like the SR2 doesn't have LED displays on the breaker. No ETA on the Primo anyways😕
thebulge 9:48 PM - 5 October, 2017
The platters all skewif bug the crap the crap out of me.
thebulge 9:52 PM - 5 October, 2017
I dislike this layout trend of emulating two players and a mixer. Vestax had it right. It you can’t drive a pitch fader with each hand, maybe you should practice more.
Enkay67 5:56 AM - 6 October, 2017
I dislike this layout trend of emulating two players and a mixer.
It would make a pair of CDJs and a mixer seem more familiar, but pitch controls on the outside both sides is easier, I agree.
dytto123 9:51 AM - 23 December, 2017
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