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Serato PnT LE OS requirements for Logic

adamlee 5:46 PM - 28 May, 2006

I want to purchase PnT LE for my Logic Pro setup. However I read that you require 10.3.9.

I just need to clarify: is it 10.3.9 only or 10.3.9 and above? I currently run OS 10.4.2 on Logic Pro 7.2

dave 10:30 PM - 28 May, 2006
Hi adamlee, welcome to the Serato forum!

10.3.9 is a minimum requirement. Pitch 'n Time LE will work for you on OS 10.4.2 and Logic Pro 7.2.

- Dave
adamlee 6:57 PM - 29 May, 2006
Thanks Dave!

No more switching to PT and disrupting workflow!