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New Library Tool - Should I Continue This Project?

DJ Stoyvo 6:51 AM - 11 February, 2016
Hey All,

Just throwing this out there for feedback and gauging if there's any public interest in a personal project of mine.

I'm a member of 5 or so music pools, each have their strengths and weaknesses. Every week I download all the content from their sites and review the recently downloaded stuff when commuting to work, etc. It's becoming a nightmare to organize it all... so I'm starting fresh.

Unfortunately, Serato doesn't have a library management tool. Something that can loosely detect duplicates (not exact file names, etc) is what I would need since every pool labels their tracks differently... So Im building a tool...

I need a tool that will:
1) Let me assign categories from the Pool Websites to my Serato Crates
2) Pick and Choose what songs are imported to Serato and what to exclude
3) Detect duplicates loosely - Meaning by Artist and Title, not the exact filename

Let me show you what I whipped up...

1) Overview - Here I can see all the pools I collect music from. It tells me statistics of my progress with my library and of any Pool Categories that haven't been mapped to a Serato Crate

2) Pool Overview - This tells me information specifically about the selected pool. Such as how many songs I have to review from this Pool, total duplicates, total accepted, total rejected, etc

3) Genre Pairs - This is a simple control to assign Pool Categories to Serato DJ Crates. This is just to assist you with organizing your tracks as you review them.

4) Pool Copies - This will show you all the tracks that match EXACTLY to other tracks. In my case, ClubKillers posts the same song in Top40 and CK Exclusives, and this fills my harddrives very quickly with no easy way to tell if I have the track already. This tool will identify all the tracks you have exact copied of.

5) Pool Copies Review - Here I can manage the tracks. In this scenario I'm reviewing an exact duplicate of a song (as described in #4). I can:
- Accept, which will add the track into a Serato DJ crate
- Reject, which will keep the track file but will NOT place into Serato DJ crate
- Select Duplicate, which will let you select another track that you believe is the exact same. This is useful if you accept a track, but don't want the same file twice.
- Library Dropdown, This will let you OVERRIDE the Pool Category configuration previously set in #3 so you can have tracks placed into more suitable locations.

6) Pool Duplicates - Same as #4, except this list matches on Artist - Title instead of Filename.

7) Pool Duplicates Review - Same as #5, except with all tracks seen as duplicated in #6.

8) Example of Changing a track's desired Create:

9) Every Duplicate across ALL pools:

10) Example of Accept, Reject, Duplicate functionality:

Full Album link:

Right now this is very specific to my situation, as I horde music, but I figured I'd share with the community anyways.

Anyways, Let me know what you think!

Cheers Mates!
Dj Blee 10:55 PM - 13 February, 2016
Yes, yes, and yes. I DJ clubs, stages, and weddings. I horde audio and video. With that being said make this work with mp4 mov and m4v!!!!
DJ Stoyvo 11:37 PM - 13 February, 2016
Seems easy enough. It should work with all media types
DJ_X_Trodinaire 1:38 AM - 14 February, 2016
I am ready to be a beta tester! :)
the SOUNDINSURGENT 4:27 PM - 14 February, 2016
Yes this is needed!! I to would love to test this.
DJ Basil S 8:14 PM - 14 February, 2016
DJ Stoyvo

Yes this would be a great tool put me down for beta test for sure.

DJ Art Pumpin Payne 3:19 AM - 16 February, 2016
djrodflash 7:23 PM - 16 February, 2016
i would love to test this
DJ Stoyvo 8:59 PM - 16 February, 2016
I guess it's needed across multiple platforms... Better get on it
ParisCreative 2:19 PM - 17 February, 2016
I certainly would love to see a potential dupe finder. Is this just at the file level detection or is it an actual Serato-level applicaiton?
DJ Stoyvo 4:28 PM - 17 February, 2016

Right now it's just a prototype written quickly to handle my current library, however the real build will have a bunch of features built in.

My plan is to build a tool that lets you build your own filter, with different actions applied.
Eg: Build a filter where Title and Artist match exactly to other tracks, with an option to delete all duplicates.

I would expect the duplicate finder to display how many cue points and loops a track has so you know you're deleting the unused tracks.

I almost feel like Rekord Buddy should build in these features, or serato as it's not difficult.
ParisCreative 4:34 PM - 17 February, 2016
This would be awesome if this can come to fruition. Serato's greatest weakness is library management. This is a tool I would pay for. :)
DJ Basil S 12:02 AM - 18 February, 2016
DJ Stoyvo

We all have sub genres within a genre as in all the various types of house music.
I'm assuming we can set those parameters ourselves under a genre tab or filter?
(i.e. House)
Club House
Classic House
DJ Stoyvo 4:26 AM - 19 February, 2016
DJ Basil S,

Yeah, Sub Genres and Sub-Sub genres would be ideal. It could be an unlimited amount of sub genres
ParisCreative 4:48 PM - 19 February, 2016
So when do we become beta testers? :)

Oh and in the dupe checker i think having exposed the bitrate size would be helpful too.
nik39 11:26 PM - 22 February, 2016
Dupes are such a pain in the ass.

For me the dupe finder would automatically "merge" duplicates in each crate / playlist. Based on certain criterias, like Bitrate, it should define a master for each set of Dupes. Also it would be nice of cue points were merged somehow.

I wrote a part of this already for scratchtools and it works okay for me, but I'd like to have a freaking Gui to change the master file for each set.
A Gui to manually merge/replace tracks in your library would be so cool!!!
DJ Basil S 9:40 PM - 1 July, 2016
Tim any update on this????
DJ Stoyvo 1:02 AM - 3 July, 2016
Tim any update on this????

Yup! Sparked up a conversation here:

Update coming in the next week, including the name, website, etc
DJ Stoyvo 3:23 AM - 4 July, 2016
Just an update: The name of this project is:

Subscribe on the website to stay up-to-date with latest releases, news, etc.
Frozone 3:34 AM - 4 July, 2016
DJ Stoyvo 3:37 AM - 4 July, 2016