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What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Add option setup/Control prefs: "disable effects on track load"

beta one 12:37 AM - 4 May, 2015
At least users could enable this if it suited their work-flow, for whatever reason.

I use the brake feature often, for example, and would benefit from this.

For instance, as it currently operates:
1) track playing on deck 1, end song using BRAKE effect.
2) Play deck 2
3) Cue up new track for deck 1, and it cues and plays normally through the headphones.. my headphones are cranked, and I can't hear that the house output is dead since it's still "braked" from the last time I used that channel. I start the track playing and it sounds great on the phones. However.. the dancefloor is silent!

This sequence has gotten me several times in performances when things get crazy.

I'd appreciate the option to reset effects on track load, for that reason.
DJ_Jayzon 7:42 AM - 4 May, 2015

Should probably be the default behavior.
vjMeely 12:36 AM - 28 October, 2017
I finally have a fix for this. Its almost ready. Its in testing now. Track the following thread if you want to know when I announce it.