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Need Help

ANJam22 3:22 PM - 17 May, 2006
I own the Denon 3500's. I am looking into buy Serato. Someone told me that with using CD's, that Serato is awful. THe sound quality is not good and that it should only be used for records. Is this true? Does Serato work well with the Denon 3500's? Please help!
dave 9:16 PM - 17 May, 2006
If you want to discuss Scratch LIVE please don't post it here, instead have a look at our Scratch LIVE forum -> scratchlive.net

You can login with the same email address and password there because it's linked to this forum.
dj decoderm 5:03 AM - 17 February, 2011
im trying to re-hooked my serato sl1 with my rane mixer can you help with that?