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Entering Timecode targets

Jim Longo 2:10 PM - 26 March, 2009
Hi, long time P'n'T user. Use it a lot in music editing.

One thing I find difficult is typing in a timecode target. It requires you to double click on a set of 2 digits to enter something new. Then using the arrow key will move you to the next set of digits, but if you enter something you can't then use the del (front delete) key to remove the extra digits.

It would be nice if it was more like Protools, i.e., the arrow key moves you over and selects the next 2 digits for entry.
Sean.C 3:28 AM - 16 June, 2009
Hi Jim

thanks for your message, apologies in the long delay in responding to you.

If you open any Plug-In, select a number field and press "forward delete" you should find that the key press is passed through the plug in and deletes the selected audio file in the edit window, which is not really the desired result :)

With that in mind PnT operates the same as any other, if not all Plug-ins ie you select a field and type over the top.

I do understand the improvements to the overall functionality that you have requested, we will certainly keep them on our radar for future development.