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More than 2 turntables

DJ Matthew James 7:57 PM - 3 July, 2004
Is there a way to run a 3rd turn table with out buying a second SSL and Laptop?
feniks 8:12 PM - 3 July, 2004
not that i know of...the USB interface only has 2 inputs so you can only have 2 sources playing the control signal at any given time. maybe in the future, new USB boxes will have more inputs (four perhaps) so as to allow the DJ to play from 4 sources simultaneously. although you have to admit that not too many djs would be able to consistently utilze this feature as mixing from 4 sources simultaneously is rather difficult. but you never know....i think it's a cool idea. you got my vote.
DJ Matthew James 8:45 PM - 3 July, 2004
that was one of my bigger issues with FS. I want to spin on 3 tables and if I can't do it with just 1 setup. My costs explode and with all the extra gear I'll be toting around it might be lighter to go back to regular vinyl. It is bad enough I already use 2 laptops a 3rd one would kill me.
feniks 10:34 PM - 3 July, 2004
2 laptops with 2 turntables...???
AJ 7:10 PM - 4 July, 2004
Well, I think it's fair to say that three mp3 sources will not be possible with this product, given that the hardware has only two outputs.

I am curious about your setup, though. What are you using the second laptop for? Are you using two mixers or one multichannel mixer?
DJ Matthew James 1:51 AM - 9 July, 2004
I use ableton live and record on 1 laptop and the other for FS.