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im on tour, using Scratch Live-NEED HELP W/ TRACKING

rjd2 4:59 PM - 24 April, 2006
hi, i am a touring dj with a group called soul position. i am out using serato, and it has served me well mechanically, but i am having a serious problem with it. here it is:

maybe 3 or 4 times during our set, when i drop a new song, serato doesnt track it properly within the first 3 seconds or so. it will cue up properly(90% of the time) at the top of the song, but within the first 2 bars it will stutter. it is as if it is having trouble reading the file. it doesnt always do it to the same songs. this may sound like a mild problem, but it causes serious trouble. the set is built around doubles routines, and i have an mc following me, and when serato "pauses" or stutters, it throws the rhythm off of the song. please help-i have numerous kids asking me every night what im using and how it works, and id like to give the system a good recommendation, but cant with this problem. thanks.
mexicannnnnn 7:29 AM - 25 April, 2006
RJD2!!! Damn I saw you last year here in Toronto and you were using normal vinyl. Welcome to the family.

For help with SSL check out:
Go to the help section and post what you put above with your specs.

This forum is for the Serato plug-ins not ScratchLive.

Feel free to hit me up on PM.
mexicannnnnn 7:33 AM - 25 April, 2006
direct link: scratchlive.net
rasta 4:34 PM - 16 October, 2006
Yo, Rj, i tour dj for phife and I had the same problem when using serato on a pc......couldnt figure it out and it sucked for a live or club show.....as soon as a switched to mac..it was fine......its just a more stable environment for serato....
Mr. $weetlife 12:09 AM - 14 November, 2006
RJD2!!! I love just about everything you've done especially from Magnificent City and Since we last spoke. You and Blueprint must really feed off of each other well because "Things go better..." Is the joint! Hope to see you guys out near eastern PA...
I am just about to get Serato. I hope this problem gets fixed...
mistermaker 7:53 PM - 26 December, 2006
Yeah, serious get a mac. bigup