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problem with serato account

Serato DJ Pro
Reloop Terminal Mix 4
Windows 8.1
DJ Kickmaster 8:00 PM - 22 May, 2014
After my old Laptop got broken i bought a new one. I installed Serato DJ 1.6.3 but now i can't start mixing because Serato don't know that I bought Serato DJ. It asks me to enter the serial number or buy a new one. How may I solve the problem ?
Serato, Support
Lucas S 3:45 AM - 29 May, 2014
Hi DJ Kickmaster,

I can see you have two computers activated for your license and I can see they have same name. Are they the same machine thats had a hard drive replaced or two different computers?


Would you like me to deactivate these computers for you which should enable you to activate Serato DJ on your latest computer?

A Serato DJ license can be activated on up to two computers hence why it's asking you for a serial number for the new machine.

Let me know.

DJ Kickmaster 8:38 PM - 18 October, 2014
Hi Lucas S,

sorry that I answered so late but I wasnt online a long time. Please deactivate the license for booth PCs. So I can enter the old serial number to activate Serato Dj and Serato Video for my new PC

Thanks a lot :)
DJ Kickmaster 9:11 PM - 18 October, 2014
PS.: I don't know if i still have the letter with the serial number but I am searching for it. If I don't find it is there another way to activate Serato Dj and Serato Video on my new PC ?
DJ Kickmaster 8:49 PM - 22 October, 2014
I found the letter. Please deactivate all PCs so I can use Serato Dj and Serato Video.
JavierMolero 2:21 PM - 26 November, 2014
Hi, I write in this discussion because I see no way to open new discussion.

My problem is that the cue button (the pre fader listen above) instead of making pre listening, making it the cue point in the song. I have a reloop Beatmix 2.

Sorry for me English, but I'm Spanish and use a translator
terror 7:58 PM - 31 August, 2015
I need my serato Dj license deactvated from my two computers because both of them was stolen is there any way I can do this on line because I purchase 2 more and now I can't activate serato dj and serato video on any of them please help !!