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serial ?

DJ A.N.D.Y. 11:16 PM - 19 May, 2014

i have buy long time ago

Pitch 'n Time DJ

Chip Pack FX + Back Pack FX + Jet Pack FX

now i have a new macbook and install all new, but i dont can install my plugs ?

i have never become a serial when i buy all plugs ?

and now ?
How i activate my plugs ??

Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 4:00 AM - 31 May, 2014
Hey there Andy, you need to de-authorize these on your old computer before re-activating on the new machine. You can manage your licenses in the My Serato window in the software itself (hit the Online button in the bottom right hand corner to find it).

Have you still got your old machine?

DJ A.N.D.Y. 5:47 AM - 31 May, 2014
Thank you, that was the Problem, and now all is ok since 2 weeks, thanks :-)
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 5:58 AM - 31 May, 2014
Cool no problem, just checking!