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Serato DJ Pro
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hibbo 7:11 PM - 14 February, 2014
i bought and paid for serato dj. i attempted to download and nothing happened. i have checked my bank and you have taken money but i dont have serato. i still have serato intro but not the full sreato package that i paid for.
DJMartin 4:07 PM - 15 February, 2014
Hey hibbo,

you need to download SDJ from here:

You can activate the software with the serial number you received. You check this number anytime by going to your profile on this page:

Now click on Show Serial Numbers and Licenses

You can activate the software with the shown key.

Let me know if this worked for you.

Scott S 1:36 AM - 17 February, 2014
Hi DJMartin,

You will no longer see the serial number on your account (we have changed the way this system works), so all you will need to do is sign into the software using your correct email address and password and the software will activate.

Download Serato DJ and install, once it opens up you should see an "Online" window on the right hand side, you can access your products to activate through the MY SERATO menu.

DJMartin 8:21 AM - 17 February, 2014
Hey Scott and hibbo,

sorry for the wrong info and thanks for the update!!
8:00 AM, 4 Mar 2014
This help request has been closed due to inactivity.
hibbo 3:35 PM - 4 July, 2014
sorry for not replying. couldnt get it to work so stuck with intro. a bit pissed off after paying money for it. gone to play today and my track window has shrunk to a window of three. about to update intro again cause its free. can i update with the full software if i have allready paid or not.

also do i have to delete intro to install the full software. if so it would be helpfull if they stated this.
Rian Ragbir 6:49 PM - 14 June, 2015
No you could still have intro and the full software.
Rian Ragbir 6:50 PM - 14 June, 2015
No you could still have intro and the full software.

Because I still have intro and the full software.