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Will DDJ-SX + Serato DJ 1.6 be able to control Timecode Vinyl

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
ChrisLeeRiley 5:52 PM - 14 February, 2014
Can DDJ-SX + Serato DJ 1.6 be able to control Timecode Vinyl with the turntable routed through the DDJ-SX?

If not? Since SL1 box is no longer supported will I need at least an SL2 box to feed my turntable through then plug the SL2 into the DDJ-SX that will then feed the data to and from the software to the turntable.

Or am I asking too much of the hardware?

I like to have a turntable in my setup to play real vinyl but also timecode so i can switch between Digital and Tactile mixing.

Any ideas would be great.
carnage 7:05 PM - 14 February, 2014
No. Do a search as this has been covered over and over
ChrisLeeRiley 7:56 PM - 14 February, 2014
I just tried every search term I could think of and cannot find anything about it. Maybe I'm searching wrong.
Davideon 8:03 PM - 14 February, 2014
ChrisLeeRiley 8:08 PM - 14 February, 2014
Thank you BBD. You rock...and my search apparently didn't.