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how to broadcast online using mixlr

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Rane SL3
Pedaler 5:00 PM - 1 August, 2013
Hi there, I would like to broadcast Live on Mixlr using Serato SL3 with 1210's a vestax mixer and a 2013 macbook pro (non retina display) How may I go about this? is there a way of connecting with Soundflower? if so, how? If this is not possible, are there any alternative options.

Many Thanks.

Serato, Support
Rui K 2:35 AM - 8 August, 2013
Hi Pedaler,

Thanks for get in touch with us.

You will need to purchase/use an RCA to 3.5mm Jack cable.

Connect a RCA to 3.5 mm jack from the RCA master output of your mixer to the input/output on your Mac.

If you have a 13" Mac laptop you'll have to change the input/out port via System preference > Sound > Use audio port for: > 'Sound input'

Open Mixlr application on your Mac and change audio source to "Built-in Input".

Hopefully this clears things out. Let me know if you have any Serato side of questions.

Kind Regards
Pedaler 8:43 PM - 11 August, 2013
Thanks a lot for your reply Rui K.

I will try this out tomorrow.

Many Thanks.

DJ Bounce2000 4:23 AM - 28 January, 2014
I'm interested in using Mixlr but my MacBook does not have an external input except for the mic at the top of the monitor!
DJ Bounce2000 4:24 AM - 28 January, 2014
I'm also trying to use sound flower!
mylk 9:33 PM - 17 April, 2015
The iMic is a simple and cheap solution: It should just work but you might have to change the audio input setting in your system preferences.
1000 baby chimps 11:13 PM - 1 March, 2016
Hey I'm trying to using my pioneer DDj-Sb on MixIr and it keep giving me an failed to open input device Error saying openstream failed : invalid device what do I do
Michael LaMartin 11:09 PM - 20 March, 2016
I'm trying to run a livestream mix through Mixlr with the Pioneer DDJ S1 and am failing.
It shows up on the Mixlr audio in option as Line (PIONEER DDJ-S1) with channel options 1&2 or 3&4, but everytime I select one it says "OpenStream failed with error code -9996" Help?
adyj 9:12 AM - 23 March, 2016
Hi I am trying to broadcasting live on mixrl using serato DJ and a vestax controller but having trouble doing this.please can you help.

Many thanks

Czekolada 1:00 PM - 2 May, 2016
I'm trying to use my pioneer DDJ SB on MixIr and I cant conect i just see an Error saying openstream failed : invalid device. Can u guys give me some HELP?
soul63 6:02 AM - 6 May, 2016
My advice is to buy a usb audio capture device..i use a citronic ac 1usb..mixlr will pick up the device as a line in..never any issues with failed open streams
escottx 2:17 PM - 4 June, 2016
Been using Mixlr for a few years and I know that if the OS doesn't recognize your controller as a soundcard then no matter what Mixlr sees it's not going to work. Use any external soundcard connected to your laptop (I use a Tascam US-2x2) and Mixlr will see it. I recommend connecting the soundcard to the booth output of your controller/mixer.