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Numark Orbit

Konix 11:44 AM - 22 July, 2013
Anyone have one of these? I picked one up used for cheap, but it didn't have the serial number (which from my understanding comes on the box), and I need the MIDI Editor program for it, which you can download from Numark's website, but requires a serial number to download. Can someone send me the MIDI Editor program for Mac?

In return I promise a nice mapping with pretty colored and blinking lights :)
tkantone 2:26 AM - 23 July, 2013
Do you still need software, if so hit me up via email use my screen name at yahoo dot com
Mr Wilks 1:20 PM - 23 July, 2013
I'm really intrigued about these.

Djworx had a first look hands on and it came out quite favourable as it was pretty cheap.
Konix 1:49 PM - 23 July, 2013
Managed to get the editor from someone else, but thanks. Although I'm a little disappointed with the editor, it's very basic and not much help for what I want to do. But I should have a nice mapping soon.
tkantone 8:28 AM - 24 July, 2013
Cool. When u get the mapping can I please get a copy. Having a hard time with mapping
Konix 7:19 PM - 26 July, 2013
Here's a little (long) video I did on MIDI output mapping with the Numark Orbit and some of things it can do...

And here after much research and extensive trial and error, here are the color values for the Numark Orbit. I tried to name the colors as best as I could, and most repeat themselves.

1 dark blue - low
2 dark blue - medium
3 dark blue - bright
4 green - low
5 teal - low
6 light blue - low
7 light blue - bright
8 green - medium
9 teal - medium
10 light blue - medium
11 light blue - bright
12 green - bright
13 teal green - medium
14 teal blue - medium
15 teal blue - bright
16 red - low
17 purple - low
18 violet - low
19 violet - bright
20 neon yellow - low
21 white - low
22 white - medium
23 white - bright
24 neon green - low
25 grey- low
26 grey - medium
27 grey - bright
28 neon green - medium
29 pale green - medium
30 pale blue - medium
31 ice blue - bright
32 red - medium
33 violet - medium
34 purple - low
35 ice purple - bright
36 yellow - medium
37 pale peach - low
38 pale grey - medium
39 pale grey - bright
40 neon yelow - medium
41 white - medium
42 grey - medium
43 ice grey - bright
44 neon green - medium
45 pale green - bright
46 pale blue - bright
47 ice blue - bright
48 red - bright
49 fusia - bright
50 purple - medium
51 ice purple - bright
52 amber orange - bright
53 pale pink - bright
54 ice purple - medium
55 ice purple - bright
56 yellow - bright
57 grey - bright
58 white - bright
59 ice white - bright
60 neon yellow - bright
61 pale green - bright
62 white - bright
63 ice blue - bright
64 off
65 blue - low
66 blue - medium
67 blue - bright
68 green - low
69 light blue - low
70 light blue - medium
71 light blue - bright
72 green - low
73 teal - low
74 teal - medium
75 teal - bright
76 green - bright
77 aqua - low
78 aqua - medium
79 aqua - bright
80 red - low
81 lylac - low
82 dull purple - medium
83 ice purple - medium
84 yellow - low
85 grey - low
86 dull blue - medium
87 dull blue - bright
88 neon yellow - medium
89 dull teal - medium
90 grey - medium
91 dull blue - medium
92 neon green - medium
93 teal - medium
94 aqua - medium
95 light blue - bright
96 red - medium
97 fusia - low
98 purple - medium
99 purple - bright
100 amber yellow - low
101 pale pink - medium
102 pale purple - medium
103 ice blue/purple - bright
104 neon yellow -medium
105 grey - medium
106 grey - bright
107 ice blue -medium
108 neon yellow - medium
109 pale green - medium
110 pale blue - medium
111 ice blue -medium
112 red - bright
113 fusia - bright
114 lylac - bright
115 purple bright
116 amber orange - medium
117 light pink - medium
118 light purple - bright
119 ice purple - bright
120 yellow - medium
121 peach - medium
122 ice violet - medium
123 ice violet - bright
124 yellow - bright
125 white - low
126 white - medium
127 white - bright
GinSoul 10:46 AM - 4 November, 2013
Hey folks,
first of all thank you konix a thousand times for your contribution! As always you saved me from getting lost in my problems.

But unfortunatly I still have some issues. My setup is:
1st Usb-port: SL2
2st Usb-port: proffessional-Usb-Hub (with power supply) with Dicers, KontrolX1 and an Orbit plugged into it.

- Dicers are for the cue-point juggling techics
- KontrolX1 is for navigation, looping, FX and so on (pretty much a rane62 functionality rebuild with midi mapping)
- Orbit is for AbletonBridge controlling (in the Ableton tab) like clip launching and stuff

At first I sorted and configed all controllers to a separated channels. Dicers have natively channel 11-16 (native serato mapping), KontrolX1 channel 1 and Orbit channel 4.
I.Side note for a bug: the Orbit sends a midi signal (cc 16) when you switch between the 4 banks. So avoid to map something to cc 16!

Than I mapped everything an edited the serato midi xml file. I noticed that serato is adding double entries for same mappings. so I wrote a small java code
to sort and unify this mappings-xml alphabeticaly.

After all struggle I started playing and had bunch of dropouts where KontrolX1 stops working until the next mac-restart. Lately I noticed that the orbit is flickering when the battery dies after some hours.
this is definitely one suspect of the midi fault. Even pluging the Orbit to a cable on the usb-hub doesn't reduce flickering. I am not quiet through this, but maybe this little infos help anybody with similar problems OR even somebody can help me ;)

Last thing: I tried to get a better overview for myself by sorting the colors by colors and not by the value. Due to this it is easier to config a button in on/off mode. here is the resorted list with a view renamings in it to make the sorting work better for me:

here is a half baken excel sheet with the colors
I will complete it in the future.







































Greets and thanks for any help in advance
dj Special ops 11:27 PM - 4 January, 2014
Does the orbit work with serato scratch live SL1? jw I em trying to move from Dicers to the Orbit.
Serato, Support
Karl Y 5:15 PM - 7 January, 2014
dj SoniQ 7:19 PM - 9 June, 2014
Big Shout-out to Konix for all the work he has done so far on fully mapping the Orbit and especially on the output lighting. Bit thanks to GinSoul for the excel sheet too. That is coming ing handy for me. Plain text tires me out quickly. Lol. Just got my Orbit and i'm spending quality time mapping it out.
One question though, for those that own an Orbit, where on your Setup do you place it? My laptop (a monster Asus G73SW) has a palm rest bit enough for it, but one of the reasons for getting the Orbit in the first place is to have my hands close to the laptop less. I also tried on the mixer knobs, but its not too firm. Any stands, mounts or something? Any tips on where you put your Orbit?

mr medic 3:13 PM - 1 February, 2015
hey people,

can i change the color of the jogwheel?? i would like the blue led to be red :D

thx in advance
nikodb 7:53 AM - 11 February, 2015
Hey Guys....

Anybody has any output command to make lights blink ? saw that on Konixs Video, that the Orbit was mapped to do so on manual loops...wondering if i can manually edit something like that on the XML for my Neons to make something flashing...

Konix 6:33 PM - 11 February, 2015
The buttons blink with manual loops cause the in/out buttons also blink in the Scratch Live GUI. The buttons on your controller should flash automatically when the in/out buttons are mapped. If you're wanting other functions to flash, I don't think it's possible, unless it's blinks/flashes in the GUI.
nikodb 9:56 PM - 11 February, 2015
The buttons blink with manual loops cause the in/out buttons also blink in the Scratch Live GU... unless it's blinks/flashes in the GUI.

Thanks Konix...that clears things up

Tubs 4:00 AM - 9 March, 2015
Wish the slicer mode could be mapped, would go great with the Numark Orbit and the output lighting on the controller. :/
amplogik 9:50 AM - 21 August, 2015
With 1.7.6 my mappings completely stopped working for this controller. I started over from scratch to see what the xml file would look like and right now I want to scream.

The xml file that serato writes out is an utter mess. Midi lighting also stopped working on my controllers in 1.7.7 including the orbit, and others are having this problem too after hand coding xml files carefully and lovingly.

I don't want to go through that whole process again, it took days to code the midi output lighting and map all the controls.

So annoyed.

Do they just not check this stuff before they send it out?
amplogik 9:51 AM - 21 August, 2015
I should say that they are having the midi output lighting issues with controllers other than orbit too. Something is busted.
amplogik 4:45 AM - 3 September, 2015
I rolled back to 1.7.6 and my midi lighting came back and I can map the controller again. Not sure what is up with 1.7.7.

FYI, I tried to completely remap orbit on 1.7.7 because NOTHING worked anymore. Half way through mapping, the controller disappeared and no input worked on the controller anymore. I restarted, and the mappings were still there, but serato was not getting input.

Other software (ableton, mixxx, arsenal and hybrid3) had no problem with the controller, so I know it's not a hardware issue.

Rebooted, serato detected orbit, first time I hit a button, it vanished again and wouldn't register.

Something definitely broken in 1.7.7 midi. Rolled back to 1.7.6, problem gone.
REIS 9:56 AM - 21 March, 2017
Hi guys, where can I find maps for the Orbit for SeratoDJ?
I tried to map but there is a bit 'of confusion in the mapped controls, something is wrong ... the colors, for example, are not stored.
in short, a mess.