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2013 Sources of Music MP3 - Record Pools & Legal Online Stores

DJ Art Pumpin Payne 11:36 PM - 9 June, 2013
Ok, the last MP3 Music Sticky was almost 3 years old and too many forum regulars just link to that thread whenever n00bs ask "where can I get music" or "what record pool is best". The old thread is here: - DJ Chad did a pretty good job on that one so I'll start with his info there and we all can build on it.

But first - let me add this info for some of the newer DJs:
"What exactly is a Record Pool":
A traditional Record Pool was a way for Record Labels (and artists) to easily promote NEW MUSIC to working Club and Mobile DJs. The label would service the Pool with its newest releases and the Pool would distribute it to the membership (usually requiring some type of feedback in exchange). Usually DJs pay some type of flat monthly fee to belong to a Pool but recently a few pools work on Purchasing Download Credits which expire monthly.

If you are using Serato - is the source for the freshest new music and allows you to download FREE promo tracks for use in Serato based DJ software

RECORD POOL/MEMBERSHIP BASED SERVICES (new) (new) (Canada and USA) (Canada Only) (USA) (new)

The above is only a start from recent posts on the forum. I have not checked the legality of all of them. By listing here, it is no means an endorsement. Please feel free to REVIEW your favorite pool below. There are many, many other pools out there - please feel free to add to the thread by posting below.


A few of the pools above also offer Music Video for the Video DJs on the forum, but a more complete Sticky for Video Pools and Sources can be found here:

Again, please feel free to post up your personal REVIEWS of the pools or sites mentioned above, add others that may be missing or slam any that may have questionable legality or content.

DJ Art Pumpin Payne 11:39 PM - 9 June, 2013
^^^Hopefully this will be the new Sticky
The old Sticky had this info too - posting just in case:

House/Dance Labels SItes (With Store):

INDUSTRY and TRADE SITES: (May have advertisements for other sources/pools.)

Feel free to add more...
djvtyme85 1:16 AM - 18 July, 2013
Best pool for a combination of new hip hop r&b & pop plus throwbacks....I'm currently using franchise I'm just not in love with the UI or sound quality
DJRemixEnt 2:30 AM - 5 August, 2013
this hasn't been stickied yet?