Serato DJ Release Notes

29 October, 2015

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

  • Pioneer DJM-S9

New features

  • Key detection when files are analyzed
  • Key format display option in setup screen
  • Color key display option in setup screen
  • Key Shifting (requires Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion)
  • Key Sync (requires Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion)
  • Remapping for supported Serato hardware
  • Master gain for supported DVS hardware

Other changes

  • Updated iTunes logo
  • Updated icons for crates and smart crates
  • In and Out loop buttons light when saved loop is selected
  • Rane Control Panel bundled in Serato DJ for OSX
  • Specific Loop Roll values for Numark Mixtrack Pro III changed
  • Cue button behaviour aligned with CDJ specification when using CDJs in HID mode

Bug fixes

  • Serato DJ does not carry across license when upgrading to Windows 10
  • Possible drop out and playhead jump forward during playback
  • Crash when selecting 'Show iTunes Library' with only iTunes tracks in library
  • Library column not sorting correctly after updating from 1.6.3
  • Loop position moves beat jumping, when playhead is outside of loop
  • Corrupt WAV files can cause deck audio output to stop
  • Pop/click sound when releasing a platter from paused state with Pitch 'n Time DJ
  • iTunes 12.2 can cause Serato DJ to crash when selecting "Show iTunes Library"
  • MIDI output lighting not working
  • Accessory device FX routing can override FX Insert routing
  • Potential crash when loading files from the prepare panel
  • Serato DJ is sometimes unable to be activated and displays error code 2
  • Some library columns not ordering in the correct numerical sequence
  • Sorting columns loses the current song selection
  • Smart Sync disengages when using platter skip
  • CD/Vinyl tab does not show for the first time after activating a Club Kit license
  • Sample rate of track sometimes does not match up with device sample rate
  • Halving/doubling auto loops can sometimes cause loop size to display incorrectly
  • Media Crate can't be clicked when first created
  • Media Crate is not created when Serato Video enabled for the first time
  • Media Crate does not work correctly until selected
  • Rane TTM57MkII left channel filter controls both hardware and software filters
  • Akai Pro AMX can sometimes connect at incorrect sample rate
  • Loop length controls incorrect deck on Reloop Terminal Mix 4
  • Saved Loop slot controls are reversed on Pioneer XDJ-1000
  • Named MIDI XML files are loading with the name "unsaved"
  • Some MIDI XML files will not automatically load each session
  • Decks can display REC incorrectly when primary decks are switched
  • Incorrect deck calibration display in Spanish
  • Patch for potential corrupt MP4s after analysis due to taglib changes

Serato DJ 1.8 is now supported on OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan. Please read this article before updating as there are some known issues.

Version: Serato DJ 1.8
Size: 222.88 MB
Platform: Win