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Using Key in Serato DJ 1.8

Logan from the Products team at Serato HQ gives the low down on the latest key features in Serato DJ. Watch this video to learn how different keys work together. Find out how you can use the new Pitch 'n Time DJ features to change the keys of your tracks for creative mixing techniques.

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Hardware Remapping

Change the MIDI mapping of your hardware to gain access to new features or customize your controller to suit your workflow. Watch this video to learn how to turn on hardware remapping, save custom mappings and share your changes with the Serato community.

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Key Analysis

Add acurate key information to all the tracks in your library using the new Key analysis tool in Serato DJ. Write key tags directly to your files and display them in 4 different color coded notations for easy organization. Watch this video to learn how to use the new analysis tools and find out how to use key to mix harmonically.

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Key shifting and Key sync

Make any mix harmonic with new Pitch 'n Time DJ key shifting and syncing features. Change the key of your tracks by +/-12 semitones without affecting the tempo or click key sync to match the keys of any tracks in your library. Watch this video to learn how to activate and use these new Pitch 'n Time DJ features.

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Serato DJ FX

Fx are the herbs and spices of the DJ world. Some people love them, some people overuse them, some people don't understand them and some people get scared... Here's an in-depth tutorial on the Serato DJ FX, powered by iZotope.

Learn about the complex single FX mode, how to change the FX time with the beats knob and how to create chains of FX in multi FX mode. Also find out how you can get more DJ FX and how to integrate them with Serato Video.

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Serato DJ Club Kit

Learn about the Serato DJ Club Kit, a license bundle containing Serato DJ and the DVS Expansion Pack. This is available with Serato DJ 1.7.4 to coincide with support for the Pioneer DJM-850, DJM-900NXS and the Allen & Heath Xone:43C, Xone:DB2 & Xone:DB4.

This video explains who needs the Serato DJ Club Kit, how to get it and activate it. How to get the latest drivers for your hardware and how to set up inputs and primary decks.

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Beat Jump

Available for all Serato DJ users, Beat Jump allows you to jump a determined beat size forwards or backwards in the track. Created for DJs to seamlessly skip sections in tracks, or repeat them if they wish.

Watch this video to learn how to activate Beat Jump and find out how Beat Jumps can be triggered from the software or from newly mapped hardware controls.

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International Language Support

Serato DJ 1.7.4 adds support for 6 more languages, Including; German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. All the core features of the software have been translated along with the setup screen and the My Serato window.

Watch this video to see how you can change the language Serato DJ is displayed in and learn what parts of the software have been translated.

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Master Video FX

Allows you to put 2 Serato Video FX on the main video output. This gives you the opportunity to leave FX on for your whole set while crossfading between two videos.

Watch this video to learn about the new Master FX slots, where to find them and how the Serato Video FX chain works.

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Karaoke Support

The latest addition to Serato Video is support for MP3+G files, a common Karaoke file format. Meaning you can load your MP3+G files directly into your Serato library without having to convert.

Watch this video to learn how to load Karaoke files successfully into your Serato library.

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Sticker Lock

Serato DJ now includes the classic hidden feature of Scratch Live (sticker sync), now called Sticker Lock. Sticker Lock allows you to align a sticker on your vinyl with cue points in your track, saving you from having to look at the screen to see where you are. To get access to Sticker Lock make sure you have Serato DJ 1.7.2.

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Midi Mapping/Output Lighting

Map Serato DJ's functions to your MIDI controller and learn how to take advantage of the Serato DJ Midi Panel. Plus, with Midi Output Lighting you can now map various features to your secondary MIDI controller and have the LED’s illuminate in response to your actions. Create custom mappings that are highly visible in the club.

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DVS Walkthrough video

The Serato DVS Expansion Pack enables users with supported controllers and mixers to connect Turntables or CDJs to control Serato DJ, using Noisemap™ Control Tone records or CDs. Once the DVS Expansion Pack is activated you can enable Vinyl/CDJ control through the setup screen inside Serato DJ. Watch this Walkthrough video to get a closer look at the Serato DVS Expansion Pack, what hardware is supported and how to purchase and activate in-app.

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Rane SL4 connection

The Rane SL4 is Rane's premium interface. Offering two USB ports, superior sound quality with 96kHz sample rate, 24-bit digital audio processing and galvanic isolation to eliminate computer noise and interference. Watch this video to learn the in's and out's of the Rane SL 4 Changeover and Channel Routing in Serato DJ.

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FX Expansion Pack: Chip Pack

Watch Tom from the Serato Development Team demo a selection of new FX available in the Chip Pack FX Expansion Pack, available in Serato DJ 1.5.2. Using powerful new iZotope FX including Noise Sweep, Particle Delay, Chiptunes, Spiral Flanger, Crush Echo and much more. FX Expansion Packs are available to activate or buy in-app in Serato DJ.

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FX Expansion Packs: Wolf Pack + Back Pack

Watch Logan from the Serato Product Team demo a selection of FX available in the Wolf Pack and Back Pack FX Expansion Packs. Including powerful iZotope FX like Tape Echo, Looper, Pitch Looper, Spiral Echo Up and more. FX Expansion Packs are available to activate or buy in-app in Serato DJ.

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Multi FX Mode

Multi FX mode is a powerful and easy to use FX mode which unlocks the next evolution of creative control using the Serato DJ FX, powered by industry leading audio FX developer, iZotope. In this video we'll show you all the awesome features Multi FX mode has to offer and how to use them.

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Basic Playback

Basic Playback functions of Serato DJ, including separate overviews on the Virtual Decks, Loading Tracks, BPM, Pitch, Play/Pause & Temp Cue and the Playback Setup.

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Display Modes

See the different Display Modes in Serato DJ, covering the 2-Deck or 4-Deck view modes, Switching Display Modes and the different Library View modes.

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Cue Points & Loops

Learn the basics of using Cue Points & Loops in Serato DJ including some handy tips on Manual Looping, Auto Looping and the Offline Player.

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FX Powered by iZotope

A brief overview of the new Serato DJ Effects, powered by iZotope. Skill up on the many Effects Parameters that are available, what they do and also learn about the Beats Multiplier.

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Smart Sync

Learn about Smart Sync in Serato DJ and how to use it. Play two or more tracks together and keep them perfectly in sync using Beatgrids. Shape your sound more using cue’s, loops or effects without having to worry about keeping your tracks in time.

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MIDI Mapping

Map Serato DJ's functions to your MIDI controller and learn how to take advantage of the many Serato DJ features that might not have hardware controls. You'll also learn how to map things to your own personal preference.

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